Ok I Will Try It

I’m still having trouble letting out my confessions, so I thought to try this. Please excuse if sometimes my English is not perfect.

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Mail / msn ... c.pallesen@live.dk <br />
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What kind of household items or veggies have you used as a *****?

Thanks!<br />
I wasn’t looking for any kind of relationship beyond work, but we really clicked. We worked for some weeks, and he really lighted my life. He is amazing in so many ways.<br />
Later our usual work meetings became love meetings, now I take any excuse to go there and see him.

Thanks, I wish you to find happiness despite the challenge of the distance and the planning it requires. Can you tell us how and when you knew your bf was going to be more than a work acquaintance?

Right now I’m taking my first steps as fashion designer. I have been involved in this world for many years now so I’m taking this experience to make my own name. (Without discarding my other contracts) <br />
Mostly I used to travel to NY because of the work of my husband (cooper business), so I started to gain more of those trips for my own projects. <br />
I knew my bf in the design of the male line of my first collection.

Also, how did you meet your bf?<br />
<br />

Hi, what is your line of work and would it allow you to travel to NY on "business" ?

I'm back, any more questions?

When I am with my husband I cant help my self thinking about my him, but never together, they are too different, and I would never fantasy with someone like my husband again.<br />
<br />
( I'll be back in two hours.)

No, I have to be very concerned of my public image, as it is very important for my line of work. <br />
Also I already have my hands full with my husband and my bf.<br />
Thats why I like Ep.

Never done it, and I think I wouldn't.

I have done it with my bf, he is NY and I'm in Kiev


I have had many dreams that could be consider fantasies. Like falling in love with a kidnapper, or my bf having 2 members, or him turning into a girl wile having sex. I just dream it I don't know what It could mean. When I remember other I would post them.

Maybe to have an affair with the son of my husband (of his first marriage)<br />
Or to be with my bf and 2 of his closest friends at the same time.<br />
<br />
Both are just wild fantasies, I would never consider them seriously.

@dirtracin65: yes and yes<br />
<br />
@george7562008: 1 partner while being in a relationship (married). (actual status)<br />
<br />
@Mdawg: yes, at least once to know. A funny thing was peeing a little with some friends for laughing too much.

@Mdawg: I love high heels and lingerie, but I don't think I like them like fetish, i just feel beautiful in them.

no<br />
I have done semi nude pictures as work, but no flashes.

I never liked that much. Things are changing whit my new bf, we both enjoy it very much. With him I swallow.

Im 1.75m tall 86.58.78