I Want To Find Out How Naughty I Am

                            Hello folks I would like to find out how naughty I am so ask me any thing you want and I will see if I have had that or those experiences yet

and what I still need to do.


                            LOVE Samantha

Samanthalynn101365 Samanthalynn101365
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33 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Have u ever had a mmfff fivesum with all attention on you

Have u ever had $3X on a school bus

I've got a story on my profile you might or might not like.

what is the most kinky thing you have done in public

while ******* you doggie can i play with you ***

you have lots to learn and share......................lol

have you ever cam2cam nude on skype ?

What is the perfect size **** for you?

How many ***** have you had in your life either taking loads in your *** or swallowing?

Oh Samantha you are a naughty girl. I'd love to meet you and make you watch as I stroke my **** in front of your face before making you suck on it. God I'd love to see you with another woman too.

To Plastic Fet Yes I have many times shear enjoyment

Any experiences with lactating women?

Have you ever licked a girls ***** until she came in your mouth

Hi. Do you love titfucking and anal? Do you love someone ******* all over you? Do you love eating *****?

how many **** have you tried to put in your mouth at one time

How about titfucking and me ******* all over you?

had you ever did it with someone disabled?

Why would I ever want to use a strap on on a man? If I was with a mant that wanted to get ****** in the *** I would just lube him up and do it my self and maybe get some pleasure out of it myself.<br />
<br />

have you ever or would you ever use a ******* on a man?<br />
Have you ever or would you ever have a bi mmf threeway? How do you feel about bi men?

No I have not all my own family is dead and my imediate family Are to old and to straight to start doing that now

Yes look in My Samantha Album. I am not sure there have not been all that many<br />
<br />

Have you ever posted naked pics online and where?<br />
whats your fav sexual experience so far?

Yes i like to roll play and i have been tied and forced to perform ********** on a woman it was a lot of fun.<br />
<br />

Hi there no I have never had that experience. Since I am not gay but technically I could be Bi but i would not have sex with a man unless I was dressed as a female and portraying a woman.

pertaining to what ***** or breasts

Hi there that was back in the 60's so really for the time period that was about normal, but because <br />
I was into ************ and cross dressing I did not push the girlfriend bit to much. If it happened it happened. Samantha

Why do you want to know?

Why do you want to know?

I was 17 with my first girl friend

What age did you lose your virginity at?

probably ******* another guy in the *** because he wanted it. Samantha

ok, thats pretty naughty.<br />
<br />
what do you think is the most naughty thing you have ever done?

My missus surprising other motorists around us and myself with a headjob (******** ).

We got a thumbs up from a truck driver.

Well I ********** any where really but likely out on the road as I ride my bike a lot so out in mother nature someplace Samantha

Where is the strangest place you have ***********?