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Besides your bf and doctor, who has seen you naked, accidentally or on purpose?

Uhm....my parents....but that's pretty much it.

I meant since you hit puberty.

It's still the same :/

Are you just not concerned about nudity around your parents? Or was it something like you got walked in on while changing?

If it's an accident, I don't really care if someone walks in on me. But for my parents, they've already seen me naked at birth so I don't see the problem in letting them see it again really.

Ok. Some girls get weirded out if their dad sees them after they've grown.

So how many times have you and your bf done it?
Anyone else know?

Uhmm.....I don't think I can count how many times...lost track. And maybe....4-5 friends know both on EP and in real life, but that's it.

Ever get walked in on while doing it?
What was your reaction if so? (or what would it be if it hasnt happened)

Uhhhh....well we have good warning if my parents are coming so it's never really happened to where we're caught in the act. But if it did happen I think my dad would get his AK and I'd be grounded for years and get a really long talk

if it were one of your friends, would you keep going?

Do you do anything wild, like in a park? Or just in a bed?

Condoms or are you on the pill?

Oh, and feel free to ask me stuff.

If I were one of my friends, yeah I would. As for where we've done it....in bed, on the couch in the basement, the living room, the family room, and the bathroom. And we have condoms.

Would you ever purposely do it in front of people?
Like friends when playing truth or dare, or something like that?

No, I don't believe those things should be done in front of others.

Would you ever share him with one of your girl friends?
If he was ok with sharing you, would you?

I wouldn't share him. And I wouldn't let another guy touch me.

When is the most recent time you two did it?
Does talking about it turn you on at all?

Last time we did it was the day before Easter. And no, not unless he's here and I'm talking to him about it.

do you **********?
When was the first time you did?
How did you find out how?

Every now and then. I don't really remember the first time, and I found out by accident.

Besides your bf's fun bits, what has been inside your vagina?

His fingers really. But that's it.

No tampons or toys?

Have you ever been to the gynecologist?
Was it a male or female?
What was it like?

Don't have toys. And I don't enjoy the idea of tampons for some reason. And yes I have. All my doctors are females (my dad's preference) and it's just like going to the normal doctor but they talk about the reproductive organs.

What would you do if your regular gynecologist was sick, and a male dr was filling in for her?

Cooperate? It's a doctor so I don't really care if they're male or female. All my old doctors were male.

Have you ever or would you ever have sex during your period?
If you have, what was it like?

No, I don't think I would. It'd be too messy

Thats what showers are for. ;-P

When did you get your first period? Were you expecting it and knew what it was?
Ever had an embarassing accident involving your period?

Had my first period when I was 12. Had no idea what it was, had my mom tell me. And yeah, it was when I first started having my periods and I misjudged how heavy it would be. Got blood on my jacket I was wearing around my waist.

where were you when you stained your jacket?
Did anyone else notice or say anything?

I was in math class. And no one noticed.

Do you think I'm odd or a perve for asking all these questions? Be honest.

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If you were a bit older I'd ask to see them.
How old were you when you lost your V? Mind telling me all the details?

I was 15. And it just happened, though I'm still with the guy that I gave it to.

did you enjoy it? Or was it all pain and bleeding for you?
Only with him? Or do you have more than one friend with benefits?

I did, and I had no pain or bleeding. And yes he's the only one I've ever had sex with.

Lucky him.

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Bra size?

16, 34A, and not a virgin