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Go Ahead- Make My Day!

I love to make new friends and part of friendship is learning all about their life.  So go ahead and make my day by asking me anything you want.  I am an open book and will always try to provide you a complete and honest answer.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 313 Responses Feb 3, 2008

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sorry for my negativity...sometimes I can be a bit sarcastic !!!<br />
And to be true to you, the qualities, you seek in a relationship, are nothing less, then what you should find...I truly wish you all my best!!! he's out there, just waiting to be found !!!

Awww you are so sweet Mike. TY

Mike,<br />
I discovered another pre-requisite to being my bf is having a sexy voice so anyone with a sexy voice (see I Love Accents Post) would get 20 bonus points toward any shortcomings. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

Some men get all the luck. <br />
<br />
My 12 year old, high-pitched, soprano-esque, Owen Meany voice wouldn't work?<br />
<br />
I'm in the bottom 1% now mike.

But your love for Val Kilmer earns you kudo points too so you might only be in the last 50%....mmm daisy!

Fungirl, <br />
Thanks for the info, I am working on my applications now and it will be in the mail. Please review and let me know if i have any issues that need to be worked on.

Looper,<br />
I am sure you are one of the few men that would qualify because if my memory serves me correctly from one of your previous postings you are from the Midwest. You get the 20 extra points and you are intelligent so there ya go! But also didn't I read that you have an EP GF already? Are you trying to get me into some big trouble?

Looper -> Picks up his bat and ball, realizes the game is over. Fungirl is way to smart for him, he was out of his league. He starts the long walk home into the sunset.

most woman say I sound just like Barry White....real deep voice......then the head cold clears up ..damn.!!!

Looper,<br />
It isn't like that sweetie. I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Although we flirt openly I understand that you have a special girl and I would never come between that. I am a loyal partner. You know I care so much about you and love to chat with you.

and i thought i was the best qualified.i know this,because i am always right.MMM

What has been your most painful memory? Have you ever felt yourself not be in your body? As if you were looking down at it, surveying this reality in all possible senses. Do you like cats?

My most painful memory is the death of my baby. Yes I have felt myself looking into my body before. It was on the day that I lost my baby. H*ll no!!! I am terrified of cats Lucifer. Cats scare me more than you do. I know I should be scared of Lucifer but I am so attracted to you and your dark side. Just don't make me get out my crucifix.... lol<br />
<br />
What is your biggest regret in life? If you could go back and relive one moment in your life what moment would that be? Would you change anything about this moment? If you could change one negative thing you have done in the past what would that be? Is your real life name Damien? Sorry I had to ask!!!

Not telling my father that I love him, and that I forgive him for all the bad things he's done to me and my family in his life.<br />
The one moment I'd go back and relive would be the last time I was in the presence of my Uncle before he died. I had said c***sucker in front of him and my father, and both wanted to beat my a** so bad. He looked at me in disappointment and anger, and I never did get the chance to say I was sorry for saying that. I'd relive that day, and have kept my mouth shut, telling him I love him and bear hugged him one last time.<br />
It would be all the times I said I hated my mother.<br />
My real name is David, Hebrew for "Beloved of God." And it's okay. I don't mind you asking me.

What is your biggest regret in life? Tied here would be the fact that I don't have children... The other would be that I don't have a relationship any longer with my father but after talking to you I am going to work on that harder. I<br />
<br />
f you could go back and relive one moment in your life what moment would that be? The day I decided to go on a date with the man that abused and eventually shot me. <br />
Would you change anything about this moment? I would have used the f bomb on him.<br />
If you could change one negative thing you have done in the past what would that be? I hurt someone that was very close to me because I couldnt keep my panties on. I wouild have kept my panties on although I felt like i was betrayed well b4 i did what I did. <br />
<br />
Is your real life name Damien? Sorry I had to ask!!! you know what my name is as I told you in our private chat,.

My real name is David.

Call my Jaycee here.

You are the best girl... Thanks!

just how fun are you??

Fifi, I am slighly impish but I am very fun when I am creating my mischief. To answer your question directly however I am SOOO fun that I had to include the word in my screen name.

bravo, good answer!

JJ,<br />
Although Juicy Fruit has sugar Fungirl is sugar free. I refer to myself as Splenda sometimes. I look like sugar; I taste like sugar, and yes I am a derivative of sugar but I have no calories so one can consume as much of me as he likes!!!<br />
<br />
EM,<br />
Believe me I have always been aware that boys and girls are different. I can't remember NOT knowing the difference in male and female. Growing up on a farm you learn very quickly the difference in the sexes. Let's just put it this way... there is something very different about what is hanging between a bull's legs and what is hanging between a cow's legs. I hope this doesn't offend anyone.

Wow I didn't think abut how intimidating that could be to a man who has seen a bull's male parts! LOL

EM,<br />
I don’t think that has come to fruition but I have been told there was a campaign started to do just that recently by some of my EP friends although I truly do not deserve the honor. There seemed to be a concern with the bust because they don’t seem to make a 40DDD mold for bronze sculptures any longer. LOL Seriously EM, my goal is to touch the life of every person I come in contact with in my life because whether the encounter is positive or negative I take away a lesson from every interaction I have. I simply want the same for the other person. <br />
<br />
JJ,<br />
Wow now you want Fungirl to get serious. It will only be for a moment so enjoy it. I have a much younger sister that is a “cutter.” I was looking for ideas on how I could better understand why she does what she does and how I can help her get to the point where she does it less and less with the hope that someday she will be free from the demons that consume her and force her to do this tragic act to herself. I found so much about “cutting” here on EP and not only people talking about it from a family perspective but the actual self mutilators that were here reaching out for help as well. I quickly picked up a couple of new friends that were cutters and after a short period of time we began to chat. They sharing their stories and intense pain with me openly as I made my feeble attempt to let them see how much they were loved and how much it hurts their family each time they do this to themselves. If nothing else I am very open and honest with all my postings and interactions on EP. What you see in my postings is all true. The passion you read is the passion I feel as I am writing. I spent a short while in this mode and I was searching. All at the same time certain things started to click for me. First I found a posting by a screen name “TardoDodo” that referred to something called the butterfly effect. It detailed a process that cutters use to keep themselves from cutting. The process without going into too much detail is that they draw a butterfly on some part of their body. That butterfly is a living creature. Id the butterfly fades away before the next time that the person cuts then they say that the butterfly lives and they make a tribute to the butterfly in the journal for its help in allowing them not to cut themselves for a long period of time. If they cut before the butterfly fades away then they say that they have killed the butterfly and they write about their feelings and why they “killed” the butterfly. It is very therapeutic for them. I emailed this posting to my sister and copied my mother. See I don’t see my sister physically very often but I love her with all my heart. Anyway, my mother tells me that my sister spends hours drawing these elaborate butterflies on her body and I really believe this has helped her so much. I am proud to tell you that when I talked to my mother last Friday my sister was on her 6th, yes her 6th butterfly to be released into the world. That means that she hasn’t cut herself in probably 4 to 6 weeks. If Dodo was a woman then I would nominate him for the original woman award. Although he isn’t and never has been part of my circle I read (and sometimes comment) on his stuff. EP is an awesome place because so many of you have touched my life and I want to do the same for you.<br />
<br />
My sister is not the only reason that I stay on EP. I also have my other demons which you can read about in my postings. One reason I love this site is that it allows me to connect with people before I have to let them know what I look like. Let me explain that. I consider myself an above average woman with a decent and fun loving personality. Although I can be impish at sometimes I have a huge heart and will reach out to anyone who needs me. I used to be a rather large; heck let me say it like it is I was a HUGE woman weighing in at over 400 pounds. When you are that large you don’t have a lot of self esteem going for you but when you date men you can usually be assured they aren’t dating you because you are intense eye candy. I know that I wasn’t eye candy but in some ways it was easier then. I knew that men that pursued me did so for my mind and not my body. About 4 years ago I had an awakening in my soul. I took to heart the pleadings of a friend and I completely changed the lifestyle I was living. I have 4 years later lost right at 300 pounds and no longer am I physically the same person. Mentally however I am still that fat intelligent woman with a great personality. This becomes a problem when you have men chasing after you as if you were in heat. I couldn’t determine whether the RL men liked me because I had all these wonderful character traits or if it was really only due to my blonde hair, blue eyes, and 40DDD bra size. I had some real issues going on with that. EP allows me to connect with a man without them first knowing this information about me. I found some true friends on EP that I have RL connections with because of their honesty. I have had my downs and I have considered leaving EP but then persons such as Goldie, Scarlet, Huck, Loop, Sensual, Odie, and Baroquen, CMR, and IWM talked me down off the ledge so to speak early on in my path to today. They made me feel valued and wanted that I would never leave. The guys on that list taught me that I can be loved for more than my curvaceous figure and that I can be the whole package to someone without fear. I owe it to these persons to reach out to others and to share openly just as these individuals did for me. That is why if I notice a new person on the site that has no friends the person will receive a whiteboard from me just letting them know I am there is they ever need an ear. <br />
<br />
Again I want to stress to each and every one of you that you may never know you have touched someone’s life with a posting, and although that person hasn’t told you so people read the words we post and it is our responsibility to make sure that we aren’t sending out negativity to the universe with what we say. That is why you will never see a lie in my postings and if my opinion on something changes you will see an update to my posting. In addition if that mind shift was caused by a particular fellow EP’er you will see their screen name being given credit in that update.<br />
<br />
I am sorry this is such a long reply however I did promise to provide a complete and honest answer.

to date ...181 "friends" you know which friend has had the longest time to past sense you "contacted" them, in any fashion ??<br />
just curious....

Oh my goodness! I left out James out of my answer to JJ. I was so in love with the writings of James and I sent him little gifts and messages daily because he so touched my life and made fungirl also feel like "extraspecial" girl. Those of you who have read my blog know that I was devastated when he left EP. He just didn’t up and leave and not tell me. He sent me a message first but then I had computer issues and wasn’t able to beg him to stay. As I said I was devastated. After a short while I received a PM from an odd name that had the subject "from an old friend." Given I get a LOT of messages each day so sometimes I have to let certain messages sit until the following day. I decided to open the PM from the person to discover it was my old friend James. He had returned and had been keeping an eye out for me in the shadows. When I was at a low point he revealed himself to me. While he and I don’t talk everyday and neither one of us have the other listed at the top of our friends’ list never doubt that he and I are close and that we always take care of one another. James I am sorry I left you out of my answer. You know I care a lot about you.

Mike,<br />
My first friend on EP was dreemweever. He is an awesome man. He and I still have so much fun together. We go "shopping" online and he helps me picl out lingerie or sometimes we just chat about the things going on in our lives. <br />
<br />
Then came James... He believed in my and encouraged me to write. He and I are still friends and chat frequently about everything and nothing.<br />
<br />
Then came Huck and he changed my live in so many ways. He taught me so much about myself and he helped me to believe in myself again. Had there not been a Huck you would not have fungirl today.<br />
<br />
Just as in real life I found it difficult at first to form friendships with other females. On the same day I made two. First Goldie, I found Goldie to be refreshingly funny and we became fast friends. I love her to this day!!! She rocks.<br />
After Goldie came CMR... She reached out to me and she loved me just as I was and she has brought me through many dark days.<br />
<br />
Finally rounding out the top 5 firsts was Loopnscc. He posted to this question a silly question and I answered with a silly answer and we have chatted ever since. He is a very special guy and he finds a way to touch my heart every day of my life. I hope this answers your question. I really have 181 people on my list??? Wow!!!

Ms. Jaycee-Since I know you in rl I wanted to assure those that are reading this experience that you are putting yourself out there honestly and completely. I have learned things about you that I din't know but everything that I did know about you has matched what you have posted here. I am so impressed with you and proud of your weight loss. You are so beautiful and I cannot wait until you travel to see me again. My life isn't as bright since you left the state. I like chatting wiht you but I miss the physical contact with you as well.

It is kind of fitting that you got the 69th comment on this story my darling RR. JJ and BH... Give me a few moments and I will answer the questions you posed above. I have a fire to put out for work and then I will return and answer.

too bad cause u r getting the answer lol