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I Think I Am Scared

Oh hell...go ahead.. ask anything.
rescueme23 rescueme23 31-35, M 61 Responses Feb 20, 2008

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Looks like this died out years ago, can I reserect it? So many obviously female questions too! Lol<br />
So what is your ideal car, if you could have any one in the world?

haha.. depends on the married woman

you would not believe how hard it

my favorite band is Green Day.. my favorite song.. Stevie Ray Vaughn sweat little thing..

lol... you are trying to goad too many favorite songs to list just one<br />
<br />
j4p..i hate to say so..but i think i may have..<br />
<br /> just looking around to be the 69th question?

What is the one thing you want, but fear you will never have?

You are scared of something you cannot change. Change.

lmao fifi...!

mssteph.. lol.. actually i have! i had a very hot spanish teacher

CLEARLY.... haha oh well, neverrrrrrrrmiiiiiiiiinddddddd

fifi.. i think it already has gone south!

ahhh, poncho not pancho.... oh god, this could go south

oh man.... THE CAPE! very cool. how do you feel about panchos or shawls??? anything?

j4p.. no i dont wanna.. tard!...<br />
fifi.. umm.. an old blue towel?<br />
<br />
j4p.. it is really hard and it takes some work.. most people are not up to the challenge

blue cape... i need more than that!

j4p.. ummm no?

honestly tenderheart I have no idea lol...your answer certainly makes just seems like a fun question to ask people, to see how they respond to it

Goldie is the answer to your question about the legs and days of the week: in between?

uh huh.. just right for what.. willie wonka?

ok ok.. little person

damn.. took you long enough...

grace.. yes i have

nope..lost my cape a few years ago.. it was

Have you ever fell for someone you met online?

haha FiFi

do you own a cape? if so, what color and fabric?

because i think my opinion on most of them would be

cussing...damn it@!

Worst habit.