I Think I Am Scared

Oh hell...go ahead.. ask anything.
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Looks like this died out years ago, can I reserect it? So many obviously female questions too! Lol<br />
So what is your ideal car, if you could have any one in the world?

haha.. depends on the married woman

you would not believe how hard it is....lol

my favorite band is Green Day.. my favorite song.. Stevie Ray Vaughn sweat little thing..

lol... you are trying to goad me..lol

lady....wow.. too many favorite songs to list just one<br />
<br />
j4p..i hate to say so..but i think i may have..<br />
<br />
jessie..you just looking around to be the 69th question?..lol

What is the one thing you want, but fear you will never have?

You are scared of something you cannot change. Change.

lmao fifi...!

mssteph.. lol.. actually i have! i had a very hot spanish teacher

CLEARLY.... haha oh well, neverrrrrrrrmiiiiiiiiinddddddd

fifi.. i think it already has gone south!..lol

ahhh, poncho not pancho.... oh god, this could go south

oh man.... THE CAPE! very cool. how do you feel about panchos or shawls??? anything?

j4p.. no i dont wanna.. tard!...<br />
fifi.. umm.. an old blue towel?..lol<br />
<br />
j4p.. it is really hard and it takes some work.. most people are not up to the challenge

blue cape... i need more than that!

j4p.. ummm no?..lol

honestly tenderheart I have no idea lol...your answer certainly makes sense...it just seems like a fun question to ask people, to see how they respond to it

Goldie is the answer to your question about the legs and days of the week: in between?

uh huh.. just right for what.. willie wonka?

ok ok.. little person

damn.. took you long enough...

grace.. yes i have

nope..lost my cape a few years ago.. it was blue..lol

Have you ever fell for someone you met online?

haha FiFi

do you own a cape? if so, what color and fabric?

because i think my opinion on most of them would be unwelcome..lol

cussing...damn it@!

Worst habit.

grace...right now it would be the Latina from Greys Anatomy.. she drives me crazy

What famous woman would you most like to have sex with?

i hate women who think that being skinny and having an *** like a 10yr old boy is attractive... i need curves..lol.. she would be loyal, a great mother, able to carry on a conversation, and most of all be my best friend as well as my lover

yep lots.. stole a bunch when i was a kid.. had to..and then there is the assualts as a teenager.. thank god for a cop that put me under his wing and made me realise that it didnt have to be that way

Have you ever committed a crime?

grace.. i knew it!!! lol<br />
<br />
rugby is fun because of the blood.. football has more strategy..

goldie.. i am.. more than anything

On the night of December 27th, 2007, were you or were you not.....lol<br />
<br />
What's more fun to watch, football or rugby?

Grace are you a lawyer?..lol..i have hurt some people emotionally in my life, and i really wish i could go back and change that

you should feel proud for that.

If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be?

goldie...pulling myself out of poverty and not being part of the cycle.. we were dirt poor when i was a kid.. welfare, food stamps et all...i put myself into college (the first in my WHOLE family)

i admire people that are selfless.. the guys fighting in other countries, the people who run the soup kitchens, the single mothers who give up everything for thier kids.. those people are the real heros. I have had my heart broken more than i care to admit..lol.. turtles are fun to look at, but dumb as a stump..lol

other than being a firefighter, what's your greatest accomplishment in life?

Who do you admire most?<br />
<br />
Have you ever had your heart broken?<br />
<br />
Turtles......Good pets or not?

wow.. great question Grace..i have this recurring dream that i am trying to get to someone in a fire and i cant reach them.. it scares the daylights out of and i always wake up in a sweat...

What are you afraid of?

lol.. smartass

sorry i missed it j4p...good question.. i think it would be that someone on ep has made me realise that i can open up and be me..thank you btw

haha not retarded, hmm I'll have to analyze that answer

hmmm the rest of the days fall under my footsteps..god that sounds retarted...lol

ok you called me out again...you said ask anything, there's no wrong answer to it

huh?? oookkkaaayyy....um.. i dont answer SAT questions..lol

oh please I don't talk dirty so answer the question! lol

jesus.. sounds like a SAT question..if you are trying to get me talk dirty to you it wont happen..lol!

don't be calling me out in front of everybody :P<br />
<br />
ok more questions...if the left leg was monday and the right leg was friday, where do the other days of the week fall?

dont mmmhmm me woman..lol

mmhmmm lol

I want to go back to Spain..i love it.. the food is awesome, the climate great, and the people very friendly...or Alabama..lol

where's the next place you'd like to travel?

i only give cryptic answers to circus midgets..oh damn.. you qualify..hehe