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Serioulsy...ask me some questions....i cant promise the best answers though, but go ahead...about anything...
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@ XXXkilljoyXXX my name is kyle... i like phoenixes and i wear usually black...im 20...if ur serious...

The thing that brings most joy to me is....food and drink<br />
i used to fly kites,but not so much anymore...i enjoy it<br />
my favorite holiday is thanksgiving bcuz i LOVE to eat<br />
What makes me feel most complete is worshipping and revering god<br />
My most inspiring experience was listening to those that revere god...i found it very eloquent and i wanted to be like that in some way<br />
The greatest act of kindness that i observed was when friend dylan helped a little girl find her parents<br />
and no...i dont practice yoga

What is the thing in life that brings most joy to you?<br />
Do you enjoy flying kites?<br />
What makes for your favourite holiday?<br />
What makes you feel most complete?<br />
What is your most inspiring experience?<br />
What was the greatest act of kindness that you observed?<br />
Do you practice yoga?

i have no idea why i chose to be born...if i had to choose i would say...to do good things on it<br />
Marvelous splendor makes me feel most alive bcuz it brings me great joy<br />
i dont really wanna travel anywhere..im barely interested with the earth<br />
i have never had a women close enough to me for me to count her as my one true love<br />
i never met this person bcuz there never was such a person and i have no children<br />
my favorite spiritual practice is just plainly worshipping god<br />
and my favorite sexual practice has got to be ******* off bcuz i've never had actual sex<br />
i have nver went to bed with a woman,but yea i would with two or more..<br />
my favorite mode of transport would be a train, itd be fun to watch everything go by as i lucid dream on the train ride<br />
my favorite drink is milkshakes<br />
my hair is brown EVERYWHERE<br />
i shave my beard and trim my mustache, i want a goatee, but my job wont allow it<br />
yes..i swim ,but im not that fast i just mainly chill in the pool<br />
no...i dont follow any rituals of any kind besides not working on sundays<br />
my favorite type of work is doing phones...<br />
my favorite color is...black<br />
my favorite green thing if u mean nature i say...a giant old solid tree,but if u mean actually green i would choose...neon green glow signs<br />
my favorite movie at the moment would be...Akira an old japanese anime<br />
my favorite sport would be hockey<br />
i dont like to wear lace things,but on a chick...basically anything but granny stuff which isnt lace anyways..<br />
i dont wear knickers...<br />
i joined ep for something to do<br />
ep has done nothing for me besides give me a place to vent or hang out... there thats it hope u like it...

Do you know why you chose to be born?<br />
What makes you feel most alive?<br />
Is there somewhere you want to travel to?<br />
How long have you been with "the one that you love"?<br />
How did you meet each other?<br />
Do you have children?<br />
What is your favourite spiritual practice?<br />
What is your favourite sexual practice?<br />
Have you or would you go to bed with two men or women at the same time?<br />
What is your favourite mode of transport?<br />
What is your favourite drink?<br />
What colour is your hair - on your head and in other places?<br />
Do you shave your Head, legs or anywhere else? (Please be specific) <br />
Do you swim?<br />
Do you follow any ancient season rituals? eg mid summer solstice or Halloween - etc<br />
What is your favourite kind of work?<br />
What is your favourite colour ?<br />
What is your favourite green thing?<br />
What is your favourite movie at the moment?<br />
What is your favourite sport?<br />
What lace things do you especially like ?<br />
What size and style knickers fit you best?<br />
Why did you join EP?<br />
What has EP done for you?

when someone calls someone a troll...its a word that means....basically an ahole,but is someone who will mess with u in a variety of mean ways....some are actually a holes while others are just messing around...

Wats a troll