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10... I do not believe there is an all powerful deity anywhere. <br />
I actually believe that what some call their "god" is really true consciousness. Spiritual teachers throughout history have been misinterpreted and ideology has come out of that misinterpretation. The development of gods throughout history have come about to explain the unknown and/or to control the weak minded/spirited. I could write forever on this topic so I will leave it here and if anyone wants to go more in depth they can mail me. K?

They are the two things I love the most. Lilacs and clouds. I love, love, love lilacs...mmmmmmm they smell so yummy. There was a gigantic lilac bush in my front yard when I was growing up and the breeze would blow the scent into my bedroom in the spring. I have not had a lilac bush for years....it makes me sad to think about it.<br />
I also love clouds... especially thunderstorm clouds. A giant anvil cloud is just awe inspiring. I love it when there is really severe weather and I catch a wall cloud before a tornado...talk about breath taking.

My favorite teacher was my Bioethics professor... he was a hottie... and he smelled good too.<br />
I did go to college and I graduated 2 years ago.

My favorite thing to do in the day is to be still... to listen to the air move around me, to feel the sunlight on my skin, to close my eyes and feel myself breathe and appreciate life.<br />
Next is to gaze at my husband like it is the first time I have ever seen him. It makes me love him more every time I do it.<br />
Finally I love to hug my children until they wriggle free or fall asleep... I like the falling asleep better... haha.<br />
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Keep the questions coming... this is a fun way to EP!

whats your favorite thing to do in the day, except EP ofcourse?