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I want all of you to send me questions. I LOVE giving advice, Just remember I have a 14 year old daughter who likes to see what i comment on, so please keep the questions PG 13. Anything about ghosts I love! I love ghost stories, also relationship questions, or just anything that comes to mind. Song titles, song lyrics, movies, books, childhood stories. Post em and I'll answer them.
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First off I am in the US and our vocabulary is a little different. So, do you meant broke, when you say skint? I too have been through a lot and would love to give you advice or just listen, so send more details or questions, and we can chat. No problem. Here for you.

Hi im michael, im not even sure you will get to see this msgg but im giving it a go ! I live in newcastle upon tyne in england,sorry if im thinking your in a diffrent country not that that matters if you are lol .im feelin a little down and out thought id try this your profie seemed inviting so maybe can yyou answer this. Im skint got two kids ill mam ill dad sister lives 200 mile away oh ook no point goin on if ya fancy a chat it be great hearing from ya .

Is either you or your daughter sensitive? I am, and my daughter is the same age as yours btw, and it is looking like she might be the same way,

we both are sensitive and she is almost 16 now, I just try not to have too many inappropriate things on here.

Can you see and hear spirits? I can feel them and when I am im the right state of mine, hear them. That is what I meant by sensitive.

Um. no. mistake. And no, I am not crazy. :)

I would never imply that you are....

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Hi heaven , i am sorry for your both losses as well , my belated condolences , ~ thanks for your kind words and response , it will definetly help me out , the main reason i have chosen not to remarry is that it is a promise that i made to my wife the night before she died , she was told she had thirty days to live on june 2 and died on july 1 , and i am a person to keep my promises , not sure if this will help you give me further advice , but mostly all of my dates and to be exact , have dated about 8 different women , some more than twice since the loss of my wife , and generally after the first date with each women i do bring it up that i intend and will strongly stick to not being in a maritial relationship , it just seems to me they dont understand , at times it has broken up a friendship and it seems to me to be ridiculous just because i wont marry . well take care ! and thanks again ! your advice once again is appreciated !

You are very welcome, and I do not mean to offend you, but why would your wife not want you to remarry? Wouldn't she want you to try to be happy again? Or was it she didn't want someone else raising your son and being his mother? You know God allows re marriages and even states that in Heaven both of them would be friends and would still welcome you as a friend. Marriages do not exist in Heaven the way they do here. And I understand you keep your promises, but she is gone and if you do find love I know she wouldn't want to deny you a chance at that again. Just think about it, you wouldn't be betraying her, the vows clearly state till death. You kept to your vows. Anyway, just think about it. K?

thanks again , and your fine not offending me at all , it was not my wifes choice it was mine , and due to my son not calling anyone else mommy , and i do understand all of the mentioned ~ but my feelings and thoughts are quite strong , i guess i will just have to let people know before the first date , perhaps it will help ~ thanks again for your time and advice !

First off, let me say I am sorry for your loss. I lost a sister-in-law to cancer in July 2009, and then my father-in-law to cancer in October 2009. Secondly, let me say that I think it is commendable what you are doing. It shows the true nature of your heart. Caring for anyone is always a challenge, but terminally ill and special needs require special care. I hope you at least have a little support from family or friends, if not then there are agencies that can provide short term relief, even if it's for just a day out to yourself. Now, the problem at hand. You have chosen not to remarry. Is this for personal reasons? Maybe because you loved your wife so much that you feel you can never posssibly get that close to anyone again, or you don't want to attempt it, for feeling you may loose them? Some women may find it difficult to understand why someone would choose not to remarry, especially since you have a child with special needs. Either way, this is your life and your decision. Also, a lot of women do not want to just live with someone because they do want to be married, and feel that you would not be totally committed to just them without the piece of paper to prove it. Some are ready to settle down again, and don't wish to feel like just a roomate. Some are also not willing to take on a special needs child. My suggestion to you is to continue to just have companions whom you can go out with occassionally and have a nice night out, and someone you can confide in. Love could always blossom if you spend enough time with someone, then, once you find the one you feel is right, let them one know how serious you are, and that you would like to move foward with a more substantial relationship, but that you have no intentions of remarrying at this time. Who knows; you may find someone on your terms, or you may find that you will find someone to change your mind. I hope this helps. God bless, and good luck.

very nice post ! i would like to hear your advice and input on a decision i have made ~ i am a single widowed male of 42 years of age , who owns 2 delis , i lost my wife to cancer in july of 2010 to cancer and was left to raise a 17 month special needs child , who is now 42 months old and has been diagnosed with autism as well , i have chosen to not to ever remarry and i am firm with this , i do date and have occasionally dated the same women 3 times or more , why is it so difficult for a women to understand that i dont want to remarry , i have no problem with living with someone , who accepts me and my son but not get married , your suggestions or advice is appreciated !