Pretty Please?

I'm a 26 year old lady, the only sexual partner I've ever had is my husband, and you can ask me any question you like. Pick my brain. Any questions at all. No holds barred. Bring it on.
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26-30, F
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What is your ultimate sexual desire?

It makes me sad to see that you're not happy in your marriage, or sexually satisfied. If you were with me, that would not be an issue..I love the taste of *****, and having a woman ****** while I tongue her most delicate area..

If a wealthy person were to pay for you to travel and eat anywhere in the world for a month, where would you go and what would you like to eat?

You like to play outside?

What is your favorite? Morning or Night sex?

How about both? Both is good.

Which is your preference,tongue or fingers?

as i'm with someone with horrible oral skills, I guess i'll say fingers for this

I meant which is your preference to receive...

i feel like my above response still answers this. i've only been with one man, and my preferences have been built off of those experiences, so refer to above answer.

would u like to **** another guy to experience what a different **** feels like.


What`s your favorite position?

face down *** up

nice,mines girl on top

thats only acceptable if the guy has a huge ****

No complaints so far

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If suggested,would you do a ***** tease?

i don't see why not

Have you ever performed one?

nope. no one has ever been interested in such a thing from me

Suprised to hear,I mean I`d be interested in having you do all sorts of things,if you don`t mind my saying so :p

i don't mind at all

I probably shouldn`t say what any of them are...:p

Of course you should!

Well,would start with a ***** tease

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Are you ticklish?

oh yes, practically everywhere

nice,everywhere is my favorite ticklish spot

Do you like being played with while tied down?

Yes please!

and what could one do with you in that position?

whatever they liked obviously.


anything that belongs in a toliet doesn't belong in my mouth or on my body. and no bueno on needles or knives.

Totally Agreed,would only want you to submit to absolute pleasure...mine and yours :p

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Do you perform oral sex?

absolutely :)

lovely answer,and I`d bet you`re good at it

swallow or spit??

swallow obviously

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If you could go on the most delightfully insane spree around town before being stopped by Batman, what would you do?

How do you find is the most effective flirting method?

Would you like to experience another lover and try new things sexually or are you happy with your sex life? :-)

i'm not at all happy with my life

I'm sorry to hear that, your to young not to be enjoying life and living it to it's fullest in everyway possible.

What is your favorite food?

that's difficult... umm... how about this.... During summer, nothing is better than a nice grilled steak, but when it's cold I will go for something comforting like pasta with my grandmas homemade sauce and meatballs. :)

What was your favorite vacation?

Definitely my trip to San Diego and TJ, even though I ended up being diagnosed with mono in the ER the second day that I was there. But it as a whole was an experience like no other.

Tied for first would be my trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island... It was insanely gorgeous and I've wanted to go back since the second I left.

What is your favorite tv show?

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How can I tell a girl like you apart from others I come across in the street, because I want someone like you in my home

well, she'll probably be the one who is laughing seemingly about nothing, has her arm linked with her best girl friend, probably talking about books or what she wants to cosplay next, is completely genuine when she says she's sorry that she bumped into you because she wasn't paying attention, she's the one that gets ignored while you flirt with her friend, but she ends up being a great friend to you because you're with her friend. She's the one who stays home on a Sunday to watch football with a bunch of guys who friendzoned her years ago but that she wouldn't give up for the world. Her smile lights up a room even though she doesn't realize it.... idk, I could go on, but I'll quit. Needless to say, it seems like someone would be lucky to have you.

I'm the guy who doesn't let her go unrecognized. Twenty men chasing the friend while I turn my head to the quite girl, with mystery in her eyes. I would stand next to you and intentionally nudge you so you almost trip over yourself. You ask my why I did that when you were watching me the whole time, and I reply "i didn't do anything". I'm willing to leave all of my friends behind to carry you for the rest of my life. Yes, I'm talking to you.

This is still the most beautiful and perfect response ever. ❤️

How big are your boobs

I'm a C cup for whatever that's worth to you

Imagine we were to meet in a public place, and you were with your husband. When I told you to leave his side and come be my **** for a week would you?

simply because I have an owner on principle I'd have to say no unless he said it was okay first. Because my owner is in charge of all.

As the said owner of sailinmyTARDIS,I on good authority deem her not ready to be loaned.She has MUCH training yet to endure.When and if she is ready it is ultimately MY decision....

*swoon* I can not wait to begin all of those rigorous training sessions with you.

Would you like to a sexy date over Skype ?

Nope, I refuse to use skype for anything other than talking to family or friends who aren't.nearby.

Well considering you said pretty please ill ask one question ....does your husband know how much of a baby ***** you want to be...

If you and I were to meet, would you let me *** in you multiple times during your ovulation cycle, in hopes that you get pregnant?

Yes please!

What is your wildest sexual fantasy?

Being chained up and collared in a sound proof room and made to serve men and women 24/7/365. Never using any protection from getting knocked up, and only being allowed to keep any babies as long as a dog is able to keep her puppies. Never allowed to say no to anything and always naked ready to please whoever is next whether its one person alone or 10 men who want to **** and abuse me in every way their heart desires. And getting hosed off of all the *** every few hours so I can be ready for more

Pretty wild fantasy, that's the great thing about the mind, the sky's the limit ;)

That is a pretty wild fantasy. Have you taken any steps to making it happen? Are you currently being bred?

What do you think about men who wera panties?

Did you have sex with hubby before you were married?


What kind of guy would you go for if you ever slept with another man?

Big ****, healthy, high ***** count, good kisser... But really in the end I'm always looking for a man who'd treat me better than I'm treated right now and who was attracted to me and who had a great smile and good laugh.

How does hubby treat you now?

Would you let a guy just walk up to you and **** you and fill you with his ***... and he hope you get pregnant but wont care to raise the kids?

What's the dirtiest thing you've done when your husband was gone?

How often do you get your ***** shot full of ***?

do you like to *** in a mans mouth?

of course!

How many times a day do you ********** on average?<br />
What is your favorite color?<br />
Do you like being called a *****?<br />
Do you like being called hufflepuff?<br />
Are you a potterhead?<br />
Are you a pothead?<br />
Are you really married or are you just saying that so you have an excuse to give to the pervs on here?<br />
Would your husband mind if I kidnapped you for a little while?<br />
Do you like to eat panties?<br />
:D Take all the time you need.

I can honestly say I don't ********** everyday. My favorite color is pink. I do like being called a *****. Well I am a hufflepuff and a potterhead. :) I'm not a pothead, though I won't lie and say I've never smoked, cause I have. I really am married, I have a ring, pictures and a marriage certificate to prove it. And I'm certain he would mind, he's pretty anti me being with anyone else even though he doesn't pay attention to me very much. And I've never eaten I couldn't say...

What a woman

lol you should try some sometime (panties that is)...they are such a delicacy :)

Did you ever have the opportunity to have sex with someone else? If so, why didn't you take it?

I don't think I've ever had the opportunity... maybe once when I was about 17 before my best friend committed suicide... but I was too nervous to do anything about the way I felt for him and he never made a move either even though we both loved each other.

When are you gonna eat my *****?<br />
a. right this minute<br />
b. as soon as you get ahold of me<br />
c. as soon as I can get my pants off<br />
d. after you get done sucking my guy's ****<br />
e. all of the above (meaning you must have already sucked his ****)<br />
<br />
(joking joking! nothing mean or bad or evil or sinister or ill-intentioned was meant by this, unless you believe eating ***** is evil, then you may delete this comment and never see my ***** again...oh wait, you haven't seen it which case, would you like to?) :D

I don't believe eating ***** is evil. I'm gonna go with b on this one.

he he yay! :D

I was actually looking for somethin abit more sordid, but I appreciate the honesty. Movin on to the last question - or series of questions ...<br />
<br />
You have Scott Walker alone in your laundry room for a half hour. Do you blow him or beat him? How many different weapons could you find? Is it possible to kill him more than once in a half hour?

Scott Walker huh... I'd probably blow him. I think the man probably needs a good blow job.

Did you know your grandma was a lesbian? yes or no.

My grandma is dead and was always 100% faithful to my grandfather who is also dead. So whether someone felt she was or wasn't a lesbian is irrelevant.

That was not a yes or a no answer!!

you're right it wasn't. =] but I felt it was a question that was more complicated than a yes or no.

You have a lot of class. Good answer.

It was a Middle School question.

I like middle school questions :)

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Where's the beef?

At Wendy's

SO is that where you want the beef, is that what you're saying?

Ahhh ... yes: If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Moving on to Question #2 ...<br />
<br />
We all know what you did last summer ... are you ready to talk about that?

If you mean am I ready to talk about doing absolutely nothing because I was out of work. Then yes. =]

You spell very well for a cheesehead ... are you a transplant? =)

lol. Nope. Born and raised in Wisconsin and I couldn't be luckier than to be a Wisconsin native!

Ever have anal sex? if yes did u enjoy it?

Nope, anal virgin here. =]

Have you ever had a squirting ******?<br />
What is you most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?

I never have had one. I want to have one.

and I think i'll privately message you about the second question

I sure would love to have you text me the answer to the second question

Would you leave your husband if you found the right person. I am looking for a submissive that wants someone to talke total control of her life. You would be well cared for, I love camping and go camping almost every weekend of the summer. I have a pool in my backyard that is very private. If you are interested let me know and I will give you an email address so we can talk with each other or a number you can txt to.

whats your deepest darkest fantasy

would you like to come over and play? Clothing optional :)

Do you think you would enjoy being pregnant? Why?

I do think I would enjoy being pregnant. It's a magical thing to be carrying another life inside of you, to feel it moving around, kicking and to know I'm the keeper of that life... I want it more than I can say.

have u used any toys, if so what kind?

My husband doesn't let me have toys so, no. :(

Wow the two of you are missing out. Suggestion: get a glass ***** and put it in the freezer. Then take it out and enjoy

Booo! Sounds like a problem that needs solving.

I would love to suck your nipples and eat your ***** til you pass out and **** the hell all of yours holes til you wake up. Would you love that?

I would love that!