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I was sitting down the other day and realized I have a lot of friends in my circle but not very often do I have them talk to me or ask me questions.
The kind of just add me and leave me alone lol, if you are one of the reading my story you don't need to do that or be scared to ask questions even if your not in my circle I was answer them. I love getting to chat with people but its hard getting to know a person if they don't talk to you, so if anyone has questions I am open-minded I will answer whatever just as long as you are respectful about it.
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2012

But it still doesn't say who you look like. Alot of people kindly say I look like Peter Andre, who you don't know over there, and I wouldn't worry about it because it's bollocks anyway!

I don't compare my self to people like that dear cause I don't look up to them.

Duh! I didn't realise there was stuff at the bottom - iPhones! Hah!


Who do you look like? And don't say "me!"

If you read my profile you would know I put it all there dear :P.