So, This Is Kinda Scary >_>

So I'm fairly new to EP. Been here about a week and a half I wanna say so be gentle. :P

For basics, I'm a girl, in the US, 19.


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Hiya, young lady. What do you like to do for fun? What type of books do you like? What is your favorite singer? Do you have any "crushes"?

How tall r u?

Hmmm... I have to think of something that seems original because I don't have the patience to read through all 174 comments. I probably read 50 or so.<br />
<br />
Anyways... Hmmm... What's the strangest dream you've ever had?

1st I wanted to say that I absolutely love the baby kitten picture, I had a cat who looked exactly like that.<br />
what is the most disgusting thing you had ever done?

why come here?

What did you enjoy most about your sexual experience?

lol night and stop getting grounded! My parents never could ground me. Once locked the computer room door so i took my big leg and destroyed it heh. DAD SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THE DOOR IT WAS LOCK AND NOW YOU NEED A NEW ONE!!! What kind of hair style do you like for a man and women?

uh. Actually, on the subject of eyebrow/hair color xD... I think when someone has dark eyebrows and light hair... it is so so so like amazingly gorgeous. Be it a man or a woman, I think it's gorgeous.<br />
<br />
Nigh nigh Arorin *waves*

Well i never seen you before so i don't know! What are your favorite physical features in a person?

Uh. Cause I don't? My hair looks good with dark colors. :)

Why dont you want to be blonde?

Oh. I thought you meant me personally. Haha. Yeah, I guess some girls dye their eyebrows. Luckily, my eyebrows are dark and I don't plan to be going blonde anytime soon. 8)

So if a women with black hair dyed it bleach blond she would still have black eye brows wouldn't that be odd?

Uh. No? What the heck? haha xD

lol entirely blameless... Me and my brother had a very bad relationship, but when he shipped out away from home it all changed. It may get better one day you may be his best friend. If you dye your hair do you also have to dye your eye brows? I was just curious about that.

I got into a fight with my brother. He's a bully and throws a fit when I stand up to him. And then suddenly everything becomes my fault and I become the scapegoat because he can't deal with the fact he's a terrible person. That's it in a nutshell pretty much. Though I won't say I'm entirely blameless xD

zomg got grounded again! lol i had a feeling you did. Usually i just think the person died, but ima just assume you were grounded. What did you do to get grounded this time?

Omigosh I got grounded again DX My house has become a dictatorship. God forbid you have your own opinion. D<<br />
<br />
Anyway, hi Arorin! *waves* I live... again. <br />
<br />
awannabe74-- Yes, sometimes when I'm really sad or really thankful or even if it's just a normal day. <br />
<br />
Arorin-- Hmm. At this point I suppose the biggest thing would be for him to have an open mind. Intelligent, tolerant. I like a guy who can give a good debate without getting pissy and emotional. Trustworthy, loves animals/nature (My last boyfriend hated nature and had a hissy when I wanted to walk in the park.). Basically I suppose someone who would be as open to my interests and I would be to his. Willing to compromise. (Like if I wanna look at an old car show, he wouldn't get all mad and complain. Once again, last boyfriend did that xD)<br />
<br />
Someone who deserves my respect, but perhaps doesn't demand it or feel entitled.

What quality's would make a perfect significant other?

Like pray? Of course. Sometimes in times of high stress I'll catch myself just babbling to him too. xD

XD I don't really look up to anyone anymore. It used to be our family friend John, but he kind of abandoned us. Besides that, I've realized he's just as idiotic as everyone else. haha

Do you ever talk to God?

always knew one day you would snap. Anyway for when you get back who do you look up to as a hero?

Aww snap. I gotta go. I'll be back later. BYE GUYS *waves*

I want a black claymore. They're so pretty, seriously. Or one of those old Scottish blades. Those things are hardcore. xD<br />
<br />
I don't know what it is... but for some reason I get a rush when I hold a sword. The touch of the smooth metal and how it shines when you wave it. I love the sound of sword fighting and the whole concept of a hero with one. I have kind of a thing for war stories and heroes and stuff. >_><br />
<br />
Yeah. I'm odd. haha

lol a sword i though you was all into guns and all... but it makes sense. I love weapons too. What kind of sword do you want and for what reason?

haha. Arorin asked me that. Back a page I think. <br />
<br />
I love weapons. :P I want a sword but my mom won't let me get it. xD

lol you like weapons? Do you own any?

Monk, Psych, Monster Quest, FutureWeapons, Burn Notice, Prehistoric Park, Weaponology...<br />
<br />
Documentaries on pretty much anything. xD <br />
<br />
I is a nerd, I know. haha

if you are going to play match maker try to match me with someone closer! What are your favorite tv shows or any shows?

Aww, you're adorable. You cute little internet matchmaker you.<br />
<br />
Haha. I have an aunt that used to be 5'5, and now she's 5 foot even. She's like 67 I think. Though, she's still a scary old bird. Watch out for that lady, she's got shark teeth. haha.<br />
<br />
I live in California. :D

:D Fire is very very very purdy. <br />
<br />
Though I think ice pwns it in the elemental sense, fire is still kickass.

Aww. <br />
Us short people have to stick together haha. >3<br />
<br />
Arorin- I've been a pyro since I knew how to strike a match. When we moved into a house with a fireplace... Let's just say a lot of ash debris has gone up our chimney. 8)

EP crush? XD<br />
<br />
I haven't been here long enough to have that happen. haha

Do you like fire? i personally love to play with it.

Haha. I thought I was 5'4 until my brother's friend measured me without shoes. A WHOLE INCH. GONE. XD

Hi moomouse! :D<br />
<br />
I'm 5'3. ;~; Little shorty thing here. haha<br />
<br />
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. :3

You would be friends with anyone despite there type of personality? There is just some people in the world we all don't get along with. If you get along with everyone then you must be doing pretty good.

I let everyone be my "friend" regardless of what kind of people they are. I help them like normal friends would even if I think they're in the wrong. <br />
<br />
As for the people I consider my REAL friends? Like the ones I trust? It depends, honestly. They all have different traits and are all very different people. I guess mostly what draws me to trust them is their honesty and genuineness. People who don't judge themselves harshly and in turn don't judge others harshly. If that makes sense at all. xD They're not dependent on me nor do they have extraordinarily high expectations of me because they accept me as a flawed person. :P

lol no im not calling you a dog, unless you pee all over your friends to mark your territory when things get heated up. Then by those standards i would be calling you a dog. I dont know how to words this properly. The opposite of what do you look for in a friend. what are trait you don't like in people that you won't let them be your friend?

Psh. Are you calling me a dog? XD<br />
<br />
The ones I can't read. If their intentions with my friends aren't clear, I quickly give them the boot. Should I become aware of their intentions and they're not nice, also the boot is then given. xD

I think its funny. Having a sense of ownership over someone like a cat or dog would... What type of guys do you think are threatening?

xD I mostly do it with girls. I don't like having guys around that I perceive as threatening to them and sometimes I'll actually assert a comical kind of ownership to get the guys to back off. It's something I need to work on xD

lol how do you get territorial? And do you do it with people?

I don't get jealous, but I am territorial. xD<br />
<br />
Mostly I called my mom on her selfish and self-righteous shenanigans and she decided to try and shut me up by threatening me with stupid things. :)

What did you do to get in trouble?

Are you the jealous type of person?

Oh you are evil. My brother's friend always teases me about that D< Meanie. xD

lol ok night don't swallow any spiders you know what they say about that!

XD Well, basically, I just "wasn't what he was looking for". He had me under the impression that he was in love with me, etc, etc. Basically coerced me into sleeping with him, though I won't deny any personal responsibility. Few months after, he asked for another chance, I said hell no. End of story pretty much xD<br><br />
<br><br />
I pick on my brother, does that count? I don't dislike bullies because I used to be one, so don't try that crap on me xD. I dislike bullies because I've been bullied and stuff with my dad and I just have this overwhelming sense of injustice when that **** happens. Eh, hard to explain. It's something that really gets to me.<br><br />
<br><br />
Anyway, it's time for me to go to bed. :P Talk to you tomorrow, Arorin!

I dunno he dumped me left me hanging! Gave me no motive of intent! A guy ups and murders his whole family one day you say omg then right after ward Why? Well he was mentally insane! <br />
<br />
Did you ever pick on people just to be mean?

Oh xD What kinda detail were you looking for? XD <br />
<br />
hmm... animal cruelty. child abuse... Honestly when people pick on those weaker than them just to feel stronger.

lol fine ill tell you but don't get mad at me for being nosy! i meant you didn't give much detail! <br />
<br />
What makes your blood boil?

So what did you mean by weak? XD<br />
<br />
I like cold weather. I don't like it when it's hot. D:

ok hot or cold weather what would you rather handle?

lol no?

lol have i annoyed you with anything yet?

Well, if I had any idea what you mean, I wouldn't be asking what you meant, would I? So I have no idea where to start guessing anyway. <br />
<br />
Go to the movies, drive around at night, uh.. Nickle Nickle (a nickle arcade), play video games, I dunno? Normal stuff. haha

lol guessing is fun! what do you do for fun with friends?

I'm not good at guessing, so just tell me?<br />
<br />
Not anymore. I'm my own person and I define myself by my own actions and choices. Nobody influences me, nor makes decisions for me through their petty acts of peer pressure. :P

lol don't worry bout what i meant! what do you think i meant ill tell you if you are right or not so guess! Do people ever succeed at pressuring you into stuff?

O_o Esplain'. Wachu mean by weak?<br />
<br />
XD I drank alcohol once in my life and I really didn't like it D: And no, I've never done drugs.

lol i mean nothing so moving on from that! do you drink or ever done drugs?

What do you mean weak? xD<br />
<br />
I don't have a specific favorite color. haha. I like them all. :)

lol so whats your favorite color out of those? lawls weak!

Weak? wtf? XD<br />
<br />
Uh... I love black/red/green/blue/purple. Rainbows are awesome. Also fall colors like brown/red/orange/yellow. Bright pink and neon blue with black are really cool. Yeah >_> xD

aww well thats kind of weak... Whats your favorite color?

Oh. XD He dumped me. And my beautiful fantasy came crashing doooown~ Oh the drama. haha

you said you thought you was gonna marry him lol what changed?

Wachu mean? XD

so what happened with that?

XD Honestly? I was stupid enough to sleep with my last boyfriend cause I thought I was in love and we were going to get married, etc, etc. :P

What is the dumbest thing you ever done?

I've only had one girlfriend and she was terribly mean to me so I dumped her. xD As for boyfriends, I've had a few. But as for serious relationships, only one of those. :P

how many boy friends / girl friends have you had!

I think I do. I know I like guys more. I guess I'm confused? xD

lol so you like girls then?

Psh. Evil. <br />
<br />
I did, but it was mostly to show off for this girl I thought I had a crush on. XD And I got a rush from it, but I didn't figure that out until after I realized it was stupid and stopped. haha

sorry have to comment on my story to ask me questions lol! do you have a stealing problem?

Hmm.. Off the top of my head..<br />
<br />
1) I made my 7th grade English teacher's life hell :3<br />
2) I destroyed my brother's lego castle. <br />
3) Shoplifted. D:<br />
4) In the old days, I broke a lot of hearts. D:<br />
5) Stole 20$ from my brother<br />
<br />
I'm sure I've done worse, but this is all I can think of at the moment. <br />
<br />
What about you? :P

Name the top 5 meanest or evilest things you done!

A type of soda. Really good >3

whats cactus cooler?

1. Arizona Green Tea<br />
2. Orange Juice<br />
3. Water<br />
4. Cactus Cooler<br />
5. Apple Juice<br />
<br />

fine lol... so difficult. What are your top 5 favorite drinks?

Yes you are xD I don't do labels or cliques and I refuse to be judged like that. Especially on the internet. :) No boxes for Rollzio. haha

lol im not putting you in a box! still more cowbell?

Oh lol. I refuse to be put into a box. :) Sorry.

-_- dodging me! More cowbell?

The non-mean kind? xD