thank you to those of you who asked me questions, i shall answer the two so far right here right now. 1. when was the last time i laughed? ...tonight. i went to visit my parents. i do that almost on a weekly basis, and we laugh long and hard every time. !! i love my family. it is awesome to be able to be completely myself around them and have no worries. adult children are blessed. isn't it  amazing how we hate the house we live in our entire childhood, then when we grow up, move out, and come back to visit, we never want to leave! atleast that's how it rolls in my family.

2. what is my favorite movie of all time?...i have a couple favorites, and each one for a different reason, but my favorite of ALL time is definately "The Silence of the Lambs". what a psychological thriller! it's just enough to scare me every single time i watch it, and i love how the plot seems to get deeper and deeper each time too. it's so thick with suspence that it is impossible to capture it all in one single viewing, or even ten! i love it! and no i'm not some crazy lunatic that eats people or hides them in a well, i just like a good thriller now and again!

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put me straight if ive over stepped the did you fund your past drug dont have to go into great detail here as i do understand about drugs and money etc. and two how are you doing at the moment in your recovery x

actually the two times in the past couple of years that the electric has went out here where i am at, i have been blessed to be in a house that only lost it for a the answer is no...are you from round here?

Ever have your power go out on you for several days at a time? : )