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Ok so im bored. Have at me. :)

I know there is alot of great people on EP and you always meet them strange ways like this!

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Physically appealing - <br />
I'm going to try and think about men in general instead of a man specifically so I dont get excited, but... :p<br />
Chest hair! Weird I know, but my dad didnt have much and my ex didnt either. I can't help it, I think its so manly. I just want to run my fingers through it and tug on it.<br />
Also, eyes. I love the piercing ones. You know, the ones that feel like laser beams when someone looks at you.<br />
I like height. I'm a tall gal and it's just so much better when a man is tall enough to still put my head on his chest.<br />
OTHER than physically, oh boy. A lot. A sense of humor is a must. I heard once that if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. It certainly applies to me.<br />
Mental strength. Life is tough, it sucks, and I want a man that can handle it with me. A man strong enough to support me if I've decided it's all too much and need another pair of shoulders to share the burden. One who doesn't hold bad things against life or people, and can shed negativity like a bird sheds water.<br />
A man who will stand up for the people he loves, even if he doesnt like them at the moment.<br />
The sexiest thing of all though, which is a combination of physical and non-physical traits, is a guy with a tough exterior and a soft heart. Im a sucker. A man like that just makes me melt.<br />
Great questions ap, never actually sat down and thought about it before. :)

Ok, I love Walk Hard, I'm a sucker for really stupid comedies that have subtle humor as well.....I love this movie.....some other funny movies that I can't get enough of and they always have the same cast but are so damn funny are ...Best In Show, Waiting for Gustin, and Blowin in the Wind....<br />
Now that you answered those questions ready for some more?<br />
<br />
What about a man,physically do you find appealing or sexy?<br />
What other than physcially do you find appealing or sexy about a man?

Fools fall in love because the heart knows reasons which reason knows nothing of...<br><br />
I love all types of movies not just the girly ones. My current favorites are The Dark Knight (just saw it yesterday! omgkickass!) Live Free or Die Hard, and Walk Hard cuz its just so dern funny.<br><br />
OoOOo Cap thats a good question. Alas like most of the female variety I am easily excited. I dont get out of the house much so any opportunity for that makes me happy. As for really exciting things though, I love thunderstorms - rain, hail, wind, lightning - amazing. I even love tornadoes and would love to chase them. Im not really an adrenaline junky but the combo of beauty and destruction is very provocative and exciting to me!<br><br />
Any more? :)

Why do fools fall in love? just kidding........<br />
<br />
What movies do you like?<br />
<br />
What makes you excited (other than your luvre and children)?

Good questions Cap!<br />
Two things make me smile even when I dont want to. First thought sof my love or things he's said or funny things we do together. Also, when my 2 years old is having a melt down and we are both so frustrated and upset and then all the sudden I realize she's just being a ridiculous 2 year old and I laugh at her. Probably not nice but it keeps me calm long enough to get her that way. :)<br />
<br />
As for sexual experimentation, it definately depends on the suggestion. I have lines I wont cross but Im willing and hoping to experiment everything up to that line. Also if it was really important to my lover's satisfaction Id try something I wouldnt normally, just to see if I like it by some weird chance and it makes up both happy.<br />
Something in my past that I always laugh at now....being scared of the dark! Funny thing is I still laugh at it, even while closing the closet door and leaving on the bathroom light if Ive watched something scary. :p

What makes you smile even when you don't want to?<br />
<br />
How open are you to suggestions regarding sexual experimentation.....ahahahah, <br />
<br />
What is one thing you've done in your past that you always laugh at now?

My biggest fear....my child dieing in a tornado because Im not prepared for one. The crazy thing is I love tornadoes, and know tons about them...but have a crappy old house, no basement, no storm shelter...we've been lucky everyone around us has been hit the last few years but not us, I figure its just a matter of time?

Any more? I have no life and Im haunting the site :p

Well the short answer is I didnt chose it, it chose me. <br><br />
Like wtf slap in the face chose me really lol.<br><br />
I was miserably unhappy and hung out with a guy online playing games. We had a great fantastic time and got to know each other and were both secretly over the moon. He sent me some songs one day and I loved them so incredibly much and he told me thats the way he felt about me and I just melted and...wait sorry, dont gag. :)<br />
There's a bit more to it than that but thats the short gooey answer.

Texas :)