Hi people. I'm new at all this but lets have a few questions and see where it takes us! Over & out....... zGalf

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Im from dublin but live in kildare... down the country!haha may go to bed myself actually .. talk to you again :o)

Ciarac you still alive lol ??

ciarac, rant away lol, yee would'nt be Irish if ya did'nt lol. I'm from Tyrone, what county do you live in? Hey i'm off to sleep now,got work in the morning. C ya :-)

Ah ya can't give a question back.. although im sure you can cry under water.. in a submarine maybe?!

lol Longford,that is a good wee drive indeed. God i'm not sure but i'd have to say no! So am i rite or wrong lol?

Your dead right, it IS massive! I had to drive to longford today and was starting to think I was about to fall off the edge of the world i was in the car that long.. haha<br />
<br />
Okay.. if i had one wish it would be :<br />
That i could sort out my sisters life and take all the pain away from her that shes suffered and give her the one thing she has always wanted, but if i did that she wouldn't be the person she is today so maybe its best to deal with what life throws at you head on and not wish for things to be different because ultimately everything we experience builds up character,morals,perceptions.. our uniqueness.. and i'm totally ranting here and will never be asked another question again!! (sorry..!!)<br />
<br />
OKay heres your question.... Can you cry under water? :)

LOL ciarac, nice to meet a someone from our MASSIVE country lol. ok then hears your question. If you had one wish,what would it be?

Yay! I'm from Ireland too.. not that anyone asked me a question but ill answer anyway.... !

Good answer :)

Ryuuzaki i'd go to Area51, which is a top secret military base and see what actually goes on in there! Is there really captured UFO'S in there!!!! I'd love to know!!!!!

Hi livelaughlove25,nice to meet you also. Where in the world you from?

If you could be invisible for the day, what would you do?

hey zgalf! nice to meet you!

Hi stardust35. I'm from Ireland, were it rains too much lol. I've never been to the states but i've two cousins living there.What do you think of this site? Have you ever been to Ireland? Thanks for the question! yee ha lol

Were are you from?Im new at this to...lol