There Isn't Anything That I Won't Talk About

I'm not a vane or egotistical girl, but I love to talk about myself and I love to tell about things that have happened to me in the past.

LaurLaur LaurLaur
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

-I grew up Catholic and my religion is important to me so needless to say I believe in the idea of Creationism.<br />
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-I like both coffee and tea alot, however I can't drink either unless they're flavored.<br />
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-It's cliche, but If I had a chance to address the world I'd tell everyone to never take anything for granted and to live each day like it's your last. Life is short and there's alot of bullsh** from day to day, life is only worth living if you make it worth living. Life is too short to punk out on things that you're not sure about. Take the chance, you never know how awesome something could turn out to be and you DO NOT want to live the rest of your life thinking about how things could have been.

How do you think the world began?<br />
Which do you prefer: coffee or tea?<br />
If you were going to share one bit of wisdom with the world, what would it be?

-When I was about 5 or 6, we had a squirrel that lived in our attic and no matter what my parents would try, it wouldn't leave. Before I found out it was a squirrel, <br />
I thought that it was a monster of some sort that lived up there. I would hear it running around and crashing into things and I remember being so scared that it was going to come down when I was sleeeping and eat me and my parents.<br />
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-I've had alot of funny things happen to me but nothing has stood out enough to make a story out of it.<br />
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-I was spending the night at my friends house one night and her cell phone kept ringing but it was a number that neither of us recognized so she didn't answer it. Finally after the fourth or fifth time, she picked up and it was someone prank calling her. It was the funniest prank call that I had ever heard in my life. After a while, we hung up because it got old and just went to bed.<br />
The next night, my friend and I were talking and we wanted to know who it was so I called the number back from my phone. The guy answered and we were talking and it turns out that we had went to the same high school, he graduated class of 06 and me, class of 08, and we knew the same people but we didn't know each other. It's been about a year and a half and we've been friends ever since.<br />
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-I'm a very vindictive, mean person. I don't try to be mean but it's just my personality. I speak what's on my mind and I don't censor myself. I don't trust people and I have a temper when I don't get my way.<br />
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-I listen to my ipod while I'm laying in bed at night. Depending on my mood, I make a playlist of songs that reflect my current emotion. Last night I made a playlist of songs that a guy would write for a girl. I think that last song I heard before I fell asleep was "Write You A Song" by Plain White T's. It's an adorable song.<br />
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-If I had the opportunity to live anywhere, I don't think I'd take it. I don't adjust to change very well and I'm perfectly content with where I live now. <br />
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-Every other word out of my mouth is "like" and I say "oh my god" more times a day than I can even count. I love to go shopping and I live for "girls night out." Depsite all that, I have a brain. I don't think that being ditsy and dumb is cute and I'm very straighforward, I know what I want in life. No one ever seems to get that because they never take the time to look past all the other stuff.

AND, Something you feel that everybody should know about you, but doesn't seem to.

I'd like to know-<br />
<br />
Something weird you used to think as a kid.<br />
Something funny that had happened to you<br />
How you met a certain friend<br />
Ideally if you could somehow change yourself what would you change and why<br />
Last song you heard regardless of if you like it or not, and why you listened to it if you didn't like.<br />
If you could live anywhere absolutely anywhere, where would you live?