Hate Her .... I Want Her Out of My Life

She always made fun of me in 6th grade always called me ugly and said that i was stupid or didn't match ( i have a selfessteam issue) Now we are in 8th grade, she is dating my ex, calling me a ****, owes me money, tried to get me suspended or into trouble, and she is trying to turn all MY FRIENDS against me. She has an ego and everyone makes her have an even bigger head.

She is a SNITCH, a LIER, a BACKSTABBER, and a TWO TIMING *****!

She doesn't even live in the school district and i want her gone completely out of my life and out of conversation. I can't stand her, sometimes she even depresses me .... I've thought of running away, getting sent to juvie for kicking her ***, I've even thought of killing myself. I can't stand to she her happy it infuriates me to so her snickering and talkking about me.

The worste parft is, we used to be best friends.

Uncertain1994 Uncertain1994
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2009

my very best friend turned on mr because I was freinds with this very popular girl. She spread lies and dated my kids dad a few weeks after I had him. I had to have an escort with me every other day. She bullied me and ruined my high school years. Now, I have everything going great for me. I have a wonderful fiance, great kid, awesome home. She lives in a run down trailer with her mom, her moms kids, and her kids, her boyfriend, and some friends. Don't even bother yourself with her. Not even a thought of her. The world works in mysterious ways and everyone pays thier dues. No one like her gets very far in life. Stay strong and move along.