Sad and Needy But Still Laughing

Hi.. Have been on here for a few weeks now and every time i log in the first place i check is my inbox.. so sad hey!  Especially as i never get mail or have any friends on here!  So would like to offer the chance for anyone to get to know a little more about me and I invite you to ask me anything you want...  I am a wealth of nowledge and life experience and to start the ball rolling I have the answer to one of lifes most pondered riddles... Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Answer: The EGG!!

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What kind of music do you like?

Black is fine, though I guess you would have to be careful not to get mixed up with Batman at Superhero parties ;)<br />
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Your friend has opened a pizza resturant and wants to make a special pizza dedicated to you. What toppings would go on it and what would the pizza be called?

Cape... mmmm, I guess maybe black! if that is a colour?

As a young boy i have pondered long and hard regarding this burning question... its difficult as I would love the power of flight.. however that would shorten my life expectancy conciderably, before long i would surely be taken out by a plane or collide with a tall building (am very clumbsy)! So instead will have to opt for being invincible.. such as the man of steel himself.. and of course would use my powers to help others.

Tricky! I like the idea that either way Im going for a refil soon!<br />
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If you were a superhero what super power would you have? Would you use your powers for good or evil? And what colour cape would you wear? ;)

Has to depend whether the glass was full to the top at the beginning... if so then its half empty lol! If it was only filled half way to begin with then its half full!!!

Are you a glass half empty or glass half full type of person?

The 2 most satisfying things so far can only be when my youngest 2 kids were born and i held them in my arms for the first time. My eldest well thats another story!

Yes of course there is other life out there!! You would have to be crazy not to believe that.. the galaxy is endless and we havent even begun to explore it!

Will wait patiently..... :)

Ha Ha thats a hard one.. Am normally the one giving advice at work and at home... I heard once 'not to mix business with pleasure' but it was too late.. never again! <br />
Will need longer to concider the other... will post shortly!

True that! <br />
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What the most significant piece of advice you have ever heard? And what was the most stupid and pointless?

The best thing is am near my family and we all own houses in the same village, Family has always come first!<br />
The worst thing is having 3 fast food restaurants within 100 metres... very hard to resist when living a busy lifestyle..

Interesting :)<br />
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I love where I live because its so close to the ocean - but I hate the traffic. Whats the best and worst thing about where you live? And why?

The first person that comes to mind would be 'John Candy' he was just so funny and I just loved his movies.

Aww thats so nice :)<br />
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No, no kids for me yet :)<br />
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If you had the chance to bring one person back from the dead who would you choose and why?

I have 3... 2 girls 1yo and 7yo, and a 3yo boy. There is no warmer feeling than when they smile at you and offer a cuddle!! Do you have any yourself?

Being a great Dad is a pretty good goal :)<br />
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How many children do you have? Boys or girls? Ages?

It used to be all about money and status.. but now am just striving for happiness and security for myself and my family. So i guess just to be a great dad!

What do you most want to achieve with your life? :)