Lets Stop Playin Games... && Bring It!!!

Im here I'm waiting for YOU to ask ME any questions...

Whatever I mean WHATEVER... nasty and rude... to Spiritual and YOU!!!

You Know what!!!

I DARE you... Double... Triple dog dare you... HEHEHE

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Good for you!!!

I dont because, I dont know how to the "right way" I guess I've tried... but I dont need to because YES all my needs are taken care off and then some... LOL... I'm a very happy and satisfied person...

Just curious, do you M***T****E or does your man take care of all your needs for you?

Oh I think I love you... LOL... I already thought bout gettin a reduction but I dont want scare tissue for my "Future" kid(s) because it could mess with breast feeding and I want to do that...<br />
And Yes Blacks, Whites, Mexicans and any other races can be very "bad" and in there own ways... Thats the one thing I believe theres not one race thats "all good" We all have are down falls... and we all have smart intelligent ones...<br />
And to answer your 3rd question... or statement... check out my story<br />
<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=275042" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e...</a><br />
<br />
It was under my other name... but its still my story... :D

u might think about a reduction. my sister had it done and its helped her a lot.<br />
i know what your talking about by heritage. i realize that not every black person is a certain way, even tho i live in the bad side of town and am constantly surrounded by stereotypes.<br />
i have another question. would u ever date a white guy?

Yea I do have back issues... Very bad... Does help that my pelvis is tilted either... But Yes I tend to feel they are some what accurate... They came from so where... wasnt just imagined up or something... Either because of heritage... and when I use the word heritage... I mean if ppl grow up a certain way and they pass that information down...

wow, u must have back problems. but thats not my question.<br />
i want to know if u think that the popular racial stereotypes tend to be somewhat accurate or are way off?

I dont have kid(s) yet... But I know I will be a wonderful mother and wife... Thanks :)

this is mark of a woman of charater and deapth a bringer of light a natural mother and nuturer taking all thigs good in gods earth and holding it aloft your children have a wonderfull mother are you aware of this

like a bouncy ball in a room bouncin off all walls

32 F or it can do down to 38 DDD

I'm Not married... anything in life can affect you... relationship and the way you live life... I have some trust issues... but I know I also dont pick the best men... so we'll just have to wait and see... time will tell...

It took a lot... I was self destructive to myself and other around me... I didnt care about life... but that changed... why the change I can only say it was God... I wanted to help others but I couldnt really help others if I wasnt together so I tried... I talked... did consulting... read books... and had a relaationship with the Lord... it took years for me to see how far I have come... and that I am doin a good job... but I still have things that I'm workin on...

Boo ONE never asks...