Ask Any Questions U Want

alright im open to any questions you throw at me im a guy only 15, like almost all music, and i dont have a favorite movie lol...
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Good going my man. There where you said "I will never know everything, and nor will anyone else". That is many steps ahead of many people already. It is one firm KNOWING that has gotten me into some trouble, but nonetheless, I KNOW that no one knows everything. There was One, and He left us enough clues to follow, if we were noble and trusting enough. But mainstream Christianity (as we know it), has veered far from the heart of the matter. It's a fiercely individual matter. And I agree with you that people think of you based ON THEIR OWN filters. So it reflects who they are also, and some times, exclusively. Care,<br />

i have so many theories of life and what it all means but i always start some fight over peoples beleifs so i try to stay off those subjects. i understand that i will never know everythin and nor will anyone else. when i die i dont plan to be remembered much. people who know me will hopefully remember me as someone who did great things.... but i guess i will be remembered diffrently by diffrent people

because hes 15 and isnt allowed

after you die what will you be remembered for?

:-) What do you think of Life?