It's Not That I Mind Talking About Myself...'s just i don't really know how....

update 12/31/07: i've written a lot more stories since i originally wrote this one. i thought i'd reopen the question forum in case there's still some stuff people wonder....

update 3/15/08: i guess people just don't wonder much about me ;)

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Last book to make you cry? Last book to scare you? And last book to make you laugh? <br />
<br />
Could do with something decent to read. ;-)

1) i've always had such a huge crush on the Disney Robin Hood. yes, the fox. i think it's his voice.....if he could come to life as a human and be all into me, that would be awesome. but if he'll still be a fox, i'm not into that. <br />
2) i'd have to go with b. if given the option to save all those people and i turned it down, how much of a jerk would i be. a big one. i could do some side jobs to make more money.

1) If any literary or TV character could come to life and be all into you, who would it be and why?<br />
<br />
2.) If you could do one of the following which would it be and why:<br />
a.) Have a enough money to live comfortable for the rest of your life, however never allowed to donate to any charity, family, church or not for profit. Money may not be given away to anyone that did not render services. (Companionship is not a service.)<br />
b.) Find a cure to a terrible terminal illness, provide this cure to the world at no or little cost to everyone, and live on $25,000 a year for the rest of your life.<br />
c.) Win a million dollars in a lottery and do with as you please.

ooh, fun! lots of questions!<br />
what book i'm currently reading: the child of the holy grail, the 3rd book in the guenevere trilogy by rosalind miles. i recommend them.<br />
favourite author: robin mckinley.<br />
breakfast: normally only coffee. sometimes carnation instant breakfast. <br />
favourite film: hmm. i guess i'd have to go with the princess bride.<br />
what am i looking for in ep: i don't really know, but i'm having fun! i guess people that i can talk to freely, without the accountability of facebook and myspace, bc those people know me in my day to day life, so i can't really open up to them freely. if that makes sense.

What book are you currently reading?<br />
<br />
Who is your favorite author?<br />
<br />
What do you eat for breakfast?

re: therapy, i'm good with psychiatrists (asking basic info and tweaking meds accordingly) but i've never been able to open up to psychologists (wanting me to delve into myself)

a) theatre and history (which ironically enough become my majors)<br />
b) fruit: cherries; veggie: artichoke<br />
c) oh my. i'll just choose a few. sleeping with stuffed animals, colouring with crayons (especially in my disney princess and my little pony books), watching disney movies on loop...

what was your favorite subject in school? <br />
what is your favorite fruit/veggie? <br />
what childish habit do you still indulge in?

It used to be very hard for me to talk about myself. Now, since I've been through therapy, I am like an open book! I hated therapy...but it had some good points!