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Sheesh anotherhuman, did you really have to exploit the 5 rating guarantee like that? I mean, asking the same question four times so you get a total rating of 20 is very sneaky.<br />
<br />
The answer to all four of your questions is probably no. Politics does not favour the man who changes his mind; or the woman for that matter. Anyway, I don’t like the nature of politics, it's so two-faced and is more about saying what will please the people then it is doing what is right for all. It appears to be a position of power, but in the western world it's so convoluted. <br />
Just like any other hierarchical system…like my job here…like the corporate world. Sheesh, come to think of it most jobs involve saying what will please people.<br />
Not being an artist or author though, and I’m sure there are others. <br />
Maybe one day, when I’m old and my brain is solidifying so that it becomes harder for me to change my mind I might then try. Who knows.

One major issue? I would get rid of national divisions and get us together as one planet. I think one of the biggest obstacles for human rights is the concept of separate nations of people under separate rulers taking separate responsibility. There is no need for our petty national divisions, a free market can run just as well in a global economy without trade barriers. Why have wars if resources are equally spread and we have no enemies? How could we live with the government ignoring the starving millions when it is our government as well? It would certainly change a lot of things, and I’m sure thee are some good reasons why it’s not such a good idea. But I like it; one world together.<br />
A few other ideas come to mind…like R18 religion, and turning the land we use for livestock grazing into crop-production (by doing so we could feel everyone)…but none are as impacting as a global unity.<br />
<br />
As for the way I look…I don’t identify well with myself. My body is just some fleshy capsule for the neurons that make me…<br />
That being said; I want to start running again so I can get athletic build back… laziness has made me soft. <br />
I like my…ah…um…eyes…because green is rare.

If you could solve ONE of the world's biggest issues what would it be?<br />
<br />
What do you like best and worst about the way you look?

I don't know, thats a very tough question... Do most people leave because of blackmail or threat of discovery? I have given people I know a link to my page...so I am always aware that I could be read by people who know me. Also, I spend a lot of time on here while I am at work, and they could read anything I write, so I have to censor. Therefore being blackmailed or threatened probably wouldn't work very well on me.<br />
As for being fulfilled, I can't really say. Is there ever a time we feel fully fulfilled? I suspect we keep on changing, so perhaps I will change or something in my life will change and I would be forced to leave. At the moment the only bad thing about EP is how much time I spend here. Perhaps if I needed to use my time in other ways, I would limit EP time. Dunno.

Do you think you will ever get to the point where you will feel happy and fulfilled enough to quit EP, through your own choice and not through threat of discovery or blackmail by another person? And why? =>

If you had to make a choice today to love someone unlovely, how would you show that love?<br />
A) I would take them for a walk to all my favourite places in town(Given that I am today in town and you did not allow me limitless funds), the parks and museums, the galleries and bookstores... and hope that they get in a lovely mood. Otherwise I would do what they wanted...in the hopes they might lovely-up a bit.<br />
<br />
what’s with the origami bird. Why do you like it so?<br />
A) The origami bird symbolises my will to fly above all...<br />
well, really...I just like the crane, I make armies of cranes...I have an army of cranes in a drawer right next to me now at work. One day I will set them free, one day.<br />
That picture I chucked together by editing out my hand (Which was holding the crane. I<br />
am happy with my representation of a free-flying crane and so I have used it for a logo. I think it's pretty nifty.<br />
I fear that particular crane is long dead.

whats with the origami bird. <br />
<br />
why do you like it so

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for the world?<br />
A) I would leave behind a record of musings which open the minds of those that read them; these musings would lead all the world leaders (Even Bush) into questioning their decisions immediately. Possibly deciding that the best option is one world together.<br />
<br />
If money was no ob<x>ject what would be your ideal life-what would you do?<br />
A) I would set up an island with the best scientists I could employ (With money as no ob<x>ject, this should be easy) and then I would become a visionary for a brighter future…and set my visions in motion with my uber-cool science team. I could solve all major world issues on that island, and would eventually set up a bustling city full of my technological dreams come to reality. I would build a utopia.<br />
<br />
<br />
Are you happy with where you are? What would you change in your life?<br />
A) I am only content with where I am. I know I have it better then billions, but can’t help but notice that I could have it better, or feel that I should have it better. I know that I am my biggest obstacle as far as ambitions go…and I’m working on getting over myself and getting happy with where I am (While keeping in mind how lucky I am)<br />
If I could change something it would be in regards to time, I would have more time. To be honest my schedule is cushioned by less productive pursuits like gaming and working…but I cannot help but feel that if I could just squeeze another 4 hours into my day, I might be able to achieve the nagging short-term goals. Like finishing my novel once and for all (Re-writes, darn re-writes). But I could make that time, if I was creative…and I am working on that.<br />
If you could be a fictional character from any book or movie, which would you be?<br />
A) Superman or Lestat (Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles)… Superman for obvious reasons, and Lestat because be enjoys immortality in the most artful of ways. <br />
<br />
Favourite Song is always changing, I’ll always love ‘don’t fear the reaper’ and at the moment I’ve got the latest Chemical brothers album replaying on my cellphone, favourite chemical brothers song would be ‘the test’.<br />
<br />
End of work-day. Got to run, I’ll be back.