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hi i  am 65yrs young, have had a lot of;  experience of life too  much to get on here at present, we had been together for 8 yrs he contracted cancer  but is ok now thankfully , he was 9yrs older than myslelf.  i asked his daughter to see him at xmas as if she didn't she may regret it. well she phoned me and said never to text her like that again ! i think she thought i was a gold digger , but having my own home all paid for i was hardly that ! he also has a son who does not like me. do not know why. anyway i called the relationship off this may, and we have been apart since, he says he is not family orientated like me , and wants me just to himself,nobody else i.e. friends etc.  i love my family to bits have a new great grandson, lovley son daughter in law, 2 grandchildren etc. he now wants me to go on holiday with just him only . i have got over the break up but this has got my head in a mess again ! should i go with him ? or stay on my own and enjoy my family? i am still at work and love it, and enjoying my life again. i feel so confused , do i have him back so my son will not worry that i am on my own ? i do not think i could have him back because i have enjoyed being independent, nobody will give me a straight answer and it is confusing me so, i do hope somebody has had this experience and can help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. many thanks for listening to me. his daughter also attacked me at the hospital when he was having his operation at the hospital and told me stay away from her dad, i can assure you i have never done him any wrong to this day. i have too many heartbreaks in my life to hurt anyone.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

You know what it is you want. You said it. You are happy. Stay happy. You know that when you are with him it brings conflict, drama, stress. Your son may worry if you are alone but let him know you are happy. Point out that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. You may still meet the right man for you (GOD willing). You are free and happy. Let no one take that away. I wish you happy days and contentment.