Honestly, I'm tired of your crap. I gave you a chance. I tried to be nice. The second your ex couldn't take you anymore, and told you to live with your parents for being such a child, I knew that you would crawl back and try desperately to find your way into my beau's life.

You began to tell stories about all the guys you screwed around, in only one week's time, hoping that he'd give you the right kind of pity. When I dully told him what you were doing, he knew it too, but ignored it.

Then I began to get pissed off. He called it jealously. I resent him for that. I always will.

You smashed into your father's car when you drove drunk.

You cried and screamed and told him he was a horrible person because he didn't take you out for Halloween.

You stopped paying your bills, lost your phone, and came to him for help, and he gave you a spare sim card to use only for calls. That was the condition. Over that one weekend, a total of $75 was charged onto his account. You went crazy and yelled at him when he shut off the phone.

You threatened to kill your self and blamed it on him.

You went missing for days, and then announced that you were moving to another state when you came back.

You lost your job and blamed it on everyone else.

You went to bars all that night, spread rumors and lies about him and me.

That was all in one week.

Now you come to see him with a mutual friend - who you lied to, saying everything was ok, and made him a human shield - and act like everything's ok. You ask him for a place to live. You were stoned at the time and the only job you can get is nude modeling at a college.

I'm enjoying your suffering. You deserve it. If you show up here again, I'm going to make you realize what a piece of **** you are.

I don't care if you think you love him. You lost him when you did nothing but hurt him. When you were a cancer that smashed bottles on him, and ran his credit into the ground, and you were nothing but a liar, a vile chunk of cheating scum.

I'm going to protect him.

I won't let you hurt him again.

ninjaninnin ninjaninnin
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010