Message To The Pack From Alpha

OK I need everyone who's joining the pack to tell me more about themselves, so we may establish a hierarchy from beta,mid-ranks,omega & pups.
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22-25, M
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I am 15 black wolf with red eyes,born to fight,not afraid to get my paws dirty one bad thing get headaches on full moon super fast and strong quite possibly kill you if you annoyed me so don't.

I am 14 ,I am a black wolf with golden eye's and was born to fight .I was born this way every since I was a child I would start to get bloody nose an get dizzy during full moons . Very active, super fast and strong . I have no problem risking my life for my alpha.

well full moons dont really do anything because thats a myth, trust me I know, if you want in then private message me then we will see what we can do

I would like too be in your pack

I am 14 in human years, I'm pure Black with Gold Hazle eyes, i am built for the kill, very active. But i have to warn you guys i take things serious and i have very limited time to play, I have much to learn but i guess as a new wolf and on my first experience i am going have to learn. I am a strategic leader, I am loyle to the Alpha defending the pack from every creature in sight. *Hows to the Pack* NOTE: I am a therion and am connected to the wolf in a close way.

Im a dark grey wolf with golden eyes. Im very protective of pups and am very loyal to the alphas. Im heavy built and made to enforce. My dreams are pointing me toward a beta rank but i trust in your judgement. Btw i am somewhat aggresive towards humans. Im 17 years old in human years.

if you want in private message me

so this is where it all started......look at it now. expanding fast.

Indeed this is where the first EP pack was made bro & is still alive

wow......stop calling me "bro"

Alright amigo

thats worse....just call me mav.

Alright mav

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i am a big black femail...i have been a loner for some time now and have picked up tasty tidbits on oter werewolf packs...i have a hunters scar down my left eye and i am loyal...i will kill anyone 4 my pack...i dont need a high ranking...just someone to call a dont sugest getting me mad...unless ur my pack i will prob tere u to shreads...i havent had pups so im a femail and i dont want any

well there are pups in the pack. Can you be trusted to help us with them?

im a grey wolf with a little sliver im willing to follow and give order if needed to<br />
im fast very fast strong i will solve problems in the pack i can been very quite when hunting so im not seen or heard at all i am very loyal i will never betray or lie to the pack at all

How old are you?

13 years old

Alright your rank is pup, but your traits are convincing play your cards right you'll be a higher rank real quick

thank you big brother

you welcome

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Hi I'm a old wolf I'm 33

Hi I'm a old wolf I'm 33

Im a deep brown wolf simular to my hair colour 13, human years, i will be loyal to my alpha and fight for the pack im strong, brave but i dont always follow orders if i think i know better im british, but the only thing is i need to do my first shift mentaly and phisically my hearing,sight and smell are very good for my age and as a extra i can tell some1s mood and if people are lying. I would like to join your pack because i think its what the strange deam i keep having means. Thank you in advance if you accept me :)

You seem very young. in fact you'r the youngest wolf so far. I like you presence of speech. You are a pup because of age &amp; amount you need to learn

Thanks 4 allowing me in your pack im honourd :)

You welcome

I forgot to add that im incredibly fast and strong for my age i floored someone who was 5 years older than me today :3 (hes my cousin). And im reconisable for the white diamond on my chest as well as my height in wolf form :3

OH NO!!! your so full of SH!T!!!!! DONT TRUST THIS GUY!!!! HES NOT A WOLF HES A FAKE!!!

*snots* dont belive you

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I'm 13 (human years and btw your human age is your wolf age, if your wolf age was ba<x>sed on how a dog is, when your like 80 you'd be beyond dead :P) my wolf name is Dusk, I'm a brownish red with golden eyes, smaller than the average wolf, but I'm strong. Loyal as long as I think that things are going smoothly and dont need changes. I'm very strong for my size, and I will fight if I feel necessary. Btw, don't underestimate me ;)

I like your spunkyness &amp; energy. Mid-ranked but never underestimated.

:) yay! thanks!

I'm a black wolf. Age 13.My wolf's spirit name is quasca. im very loyal to all those ranked above me,and below me.

Are you 13 in wolf years or human years

human years

Did you ever finish this?

Sorta but I need more wolves to describe themselves in order to do that

Ya only 3 of us have replied.

You should tell JAZ1792 about your wolf so he can put you in the hierchy.

im a buff she-wolf, im a white wolf with blue eyes. Im very sweet, but if i have to i am mean. Im very loyal to the alpha

Ok I also need to know what you can bring to the pack &amp; if you can get along with the rest of the pack


I can handle it. who are the other pack members that i need to know about


no problem

But remember you need to keep &amp; brachelle informed of whatever happens in this pack &amp; tabs on the enemy. Can you handle it?

I'm a medium sized wolf, and I'm very loyal. I will fight and stick up for anyone who harms my friends or family. I can bring to the pack bravery, loyalty, respect, and empathy

I think you should be the female beta. I want to be the eyes in the sky keep all wolves away &amp; aware of the enemy.

Im a blonde wolf with grey eyes

Well.... You can look at my profile for age and gender, and i' m a tall blonde. I think I'm on the younger side of everyone in the pack. I am a blonde wolf.... I'm new to all of this. So fari liike it!

What can you tell me about your wolf &amp; it's traits such as size,loyalty &amp; what you can bring to the pack.