Library Adventures

This is a little something I worked on with a friend.

I imagine a vast library done in old English style, with high vaulted ceilings. It is oval in shape and in the center is a large comfy couch.  This is one of those multi storied buildings, where each level is more books and a roller ladder so you can reach the top books. 


The wood is a deep mahogany and the floors have inlaid designs in them,

I can smell the old books right now...musty yet full of adventure. I tread lightly with my heels so the echo isn't so distracting


A light coat of dust hangs in the air as if frozen in time.  The windows from the second floor spread a prisms rainbow of color around the room.  Even your light treading echo's back to you, whispering, calling to your sense of adventure.  You can almost hear the words come to life, the sound of the ocean breaking waves against a rocky shore.  The sound of the rigging from a 4 mast ship as it sails the high seas.  Echo's of memories and stories long held bound between the leather bindings, waiting for their turn to play in the fertile minds of those wishing to escape.


We follow our senses beginning with the faint aroma of the sea...the saltiness on our lips. I hear the dizzy screaching above our heads and expect to see seagulls circling when I look up. The ceiling though magnificent only housed cracks in it's paint and draping cobwebs.


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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

very beautiful and descriptive.... hey how did you know i love libraries... *wink*