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Gentlemen tell me things, you know. They confide in me and share what's on their minds.  The things that really bother them.  Lots of times it is a matter of lack of respect and appreciation.  It's often manifested in the things their wives or girlfriends say or do - or don't say or don't do, like providing sweet thanks for their manly efforts, or providing sweet ******** for their manly members.

Ah, ********.  It's a cruel twist of fate that I would like nothing better than to suck **** on a daily basis, but I'm  married to a man who doesn't get off on such acts.  WTF, God?  But I digress.  This is not about my frustration at being denied satisfaction of my oral fixation.  It is about guys and their sorrows.

Men worry about growing old.  They worry about their bodies changing, and about becoming less attractive.  I was talking with my friend the senator over breakfast yesterday, admiring his bright blue eyes and his nice blonde hair and his lovely smile.  I did not enumerate these attribute to him, but surely he must have seen the appreciative look in my eye.  Or so I thought.  He is a handsome man who does not look his age not that there is anything wrong with looking fifty-something.

But he was oblivious to my admiration.  He confided to me that he has begun taking Propecia because he is concerned about hair loss.  I expressed surprise that it was necessary.  He rebutted that he had artfully arranged his hair with combing and mousse to get the look he had.  I considered his face and tried to imagine what he would like like if he grew bald.

Grew bald.  That's a funny expression, because one grows bald by not growing.  Hair, that is.  


Then he mentioned something which alarmed me.  Propecia can trigger depression.  It can also cause decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.  Talk about piling on.  ED isn't going to make a guy any happier.  I envisioned my friend the senator jumping off a bridge.    "You should stop taking that ****," I said.  "It's not worth it."

"I used to be able to go into a bar and pretty much leave with my pick of women," he said wistfully.  "It's not like that any more."

He's lonely.  And he's realizing that the odds are not very high that he will be passing on those blue-eyed, blonde-haired, prone-to-baldness genes to anyone.  He never seemed to have a burning desire to have children, although he was a loving uncle and a supportive figure to friends' kids.  My own son and daughter have greatly enjoyed his attention over the years.  But it's not the same as having your own spawn.

And while he may have picked up plenty of women in his time, he's never had the same one in his bed on an ongoing nightly basis.  Too busy building a political career, too leery of the drama in his playmates' lives, too traumatized by the dysfunction in his parents' and siblings' marriages.  So he remains alone, taking Propecia, hoping it will be the cure to his worries.

He is beautiful.  He is smart.  He is funny.  He is extraordinarily desirable.

He breaks my ******* heart.
milkynips milkynips
46-50, F
Sep 15, 2012