Baby Hypnosis

Once i got hypnotized in to adult baby and i obey my master ever since. He also changes my diapers. 
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well I guess no one can help me is a sit you might try. They regress you to any age you want apparently

yeah I ordered a CD from that site like 3 years ago that didn't work I still listen to it

I want to b hypnntizied tn pee nd pon so i has to wear diapers

I will be your daddy if u will be my mama

can u have him hypnotise me

turn me in to a baby

Are you still hypnotized?


It must be an interesting experience?

can he hypnotis me into peeing the bed if yes will he

I was once forcibly diapered, restrained and taken to bed by a master. I wet myself and was made to drink from a baby's bottle. Later he hypnotised me to be his gay slave, so I would do this even when he wasn't there.

did this work?

Yes he ordered me to nappy myself under schoolboy shorts and other schoolboy clothes and go to bed in that. I did as told but of course I had to wet my nappy during the night. Early morning there was a ring on the front door. He'd driven 100 miles to check up on me, to see I'd complied with his orders!

Cool so the hypnosis works?

its one of my biggest fantazies to have a young girl diaper me and make me her baby boy and i would have to obey every wish nomatter what,

you are lucky to have someone take care of you

i dont need to be hypnotized i go like a baby and just do it

That is fascinating! Where did you find the program?

Very good. Enjoy.

hey add me im 16

Same here. My mistress hypnotises me all the time to make me her true slave. I love it.

can you **** your panties for me

what a shame


you can be with just code words to turn it off and on

I wish I could be hypnotised into a baby I would do anything to be an adult baby