This is my contact number call me if you want to talk.
trueloveriamonly trueloveriamonly
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Either u want them to talk or u want someone to talk to

I heard your voice. I guess.. it's like.. I am yours as much as you are mine.

Nope. There is a difference. Saying there is not means u you are making a reason

Yes, you are right.. I was trying to make a reason..

Lol. U dont want an argument i guess

I don't like it when i am not right. And what's good fighting for a lie?

Lol. What an honest mr. Good point. Fair enough

Thank you.. Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

Its not applicable to all. Children they cant lie. And truth cant be revealed always.

Truth is revealed always.. At least, to the one who is lying.

Not always. There will come a consideration

You win.

Haha. That is 2 points now

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