Worshipping You

In the midst of passion, devouring your sweet tender lips with my mouth, my fingers dancing along your spine, sucking and tugging on your nipples, the time comes where I know that you are ripe and ready for the taking. I love to drop down to my knees and bury my head into your womanly essence, to lick up and down tasting your sweet nectar, to slide my tongue against your ****, to gently suck on u, and as you respond to begin sucking harder on you, to bring my fingers to your **** and begin to finger you. As you hump yourself on my face I redouble my efforts to bring you off and begin nibbling at your ****, sucking on you, a 3rd finger inside your body until you are moaning and then a huge shudder spasms through your body and with a little whimper you begin to squirt your juice soaking my face. As your panting subsides and calm is returned to your body, you have the shine of lady in bliss, I get off of my knees crawl up your body and kiss your lips to return your juices to you before beginning round 2 of our love making.
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Jul 27, 2010