Life.. Some Have It Still Its Not Enough For Them To Cherish.

Sudeep died today.. in hospital.. multiple organ faliure.. for a person like him..
I feel life has been too rude to him.. a wife who has gained weight seemed because of some harmonal problem.. a small child.. daughter, the one who goes to kidergarten.. job at office where he as a person busy with himself.. part of liquid team.. Vikas once told him to look for options else where.. after spending 7 years in the company.. he was told to move on.. he was scared and upset when he called me.. he was looking for job.. something probably in the dark what he could see light off.. he wasn't considerate to talk to ranjan.. what ranjan could do.. nothing.. he did stick to the place.. multiple organ faliure..
life is so short to live.. to regret.. to fight.. to do all the things that we always dreamt off.. to lived of.. yet here we are fighting.. crying.. living.. compromises.. adjustments.. all that you
can console yourself is that you have love.. consoling about love.. that you have with you..
trying to be blunt as much as you can.. showing your indifference.. about to fight.. so much anger inside you.. to shout to fight.. and when you see the person.. everything goes away.. all of the anger.. and you see that person.. you are happy atleast you have someone to fight.. shout.. seen people who feel alone that they need someone to fight.. strange we have someone to fight.. and yet we curse life.. there are people who dont have someone to fight..and they curse life.. strange.. amazing.. yet its life. 17/01/2013
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Jan 17, 2013