i Want You To Come Up With A Caption For This Picture

I was feeling rather guilty for finding humor in this poor gentlemans unfortunate predicament, then someone mentioned that he obviously expected, even welcomed people to ridicule and laugh at his obesity and was surely compensated for his trouble. Somehow that does not make me feel any less horrid for contributing to his obvious self-loathing. I have deleted the picture and I apologize to Kaybea and to anyone that might have been offended by the previous photo I must apologize for having such a lapse in good judgement.

Here's the new picture. Have at it!

"Nobody was more suprised than Doreen when she was chosen as "Most Likely to star in a film that goes straight to video"
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LOLOLOL.....Well, you know, A lot of Grandmas wear dentures and they can pop those babies out at the drop of a hat, Tummie. = )

"Grandmas Gone Wild" <br />
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*plays Whip It by Devo*

LMAO!!! Hilarious! Good one, feelingroovy!! Doesn't she just look like a Doreen to you??

Doreen soon realized.....this was not a picture for the annual pig roast at the state fair.

lol...funny stuff! you guys are awesome! Thanks!

Hehehe....Avenge, we do so enjoy tearing down the beautiful people, don't we? LOL

LOL @ nakedeyes! OMG....did you just make a dumb blonde joke?? That was hysterical...."supposed to go on my nose".....ROFLMFAO!!! *Thumbs wayyy up*

IT, LMAO! That response could actually be used for either picture, the old one and this one! You're so witty, IT! LOves you!

I thought it was hilarious, but felt uneasy about it at the same time and after thinking about it, I realized I was feeling guilt, so I decided to remove it. It just made me uncomfortable and it wasn't worth it. <br />
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Yeah, everybody knows that it's perfectly acceptable to make fun of supermodels....lol...they are practically begging for it! *winks*

LMAO......very funny, Kaybea. You are sooo lucky that I have an awesome sense of humor and I appreciate when you bring the funny.<br />
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Nope, I have never had the pleasure of meeting this little studmuffin...can you imagine what it would cost to ship him somewhere??....I'm just sayin....