I Want You To Come Up With A Caption For This Picture

That's it, man...I am gettin' back on the nicotine patch tomorrow...
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11 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Rofl....it does look like he's thinking that, doesn't it?...hehehe...

OMG...I hadn't thought of that one, Sage! Perfect!!! ROFL!

This is my new oral fixation. My mom's kinda relieved.

LMAO....doesn't he look a bit like the comedian, Andrew "Dice" Clay?<br />
<br />
Your post convinced me! LOL

Who says these things stunt your growth?

LOL@ Chipperchick (How are you, lovely one?) <br />
<br />
OMG....You sort of quoted my fav Playwright......sneaky, FKA! LOL

Stellaaaa! Where's my damned pork rinds woman!

Where is the Bic lighter when you need it the most? <br />
<br />
roll me over and check and see if it slipped in thru the nappies when you were changing me, there, ma, please, already, huh?

ROFL! That was hilarious, MD! Gracias! = )

aww, chicken! It's just for fun.

Only bad thinks come to mind. Sorry.