Booty Call


DrewBerry DrewBerry
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12 Responses May 17, 2009

Time to cut a hole in those and sit down on me right to the hilt

Hate to see you go. But I love to see you leave comes to mind...I know pure guy comment. Sounded funny in my head


WELL it's nice,round and firm,if it was sitting on my face"Good to the last drop".Butts don't get any better then that!!!!!!!!

My eyes are up here

don't stay away from crack.

That lace doily looks better on that *** than on my coffee table.

Say no to wedgies,,,,,

Dinner Time.

Backfield in motion, yeah,<br />
I'm gonna have to penalize you<br />
Backfield in motion, baby,<br />
You know that's against the rules.

''Does my arse look big in this?"

I think I like girls now.