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A true artist takes much pride in her work!

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11 Responses Feb 6, 2010

Mommy look! I'm pretending I'm Mila Kunis drawing on Justin Timberlake's face in "Friends With Benefits"!

Mommy!! Lets play Exorcist again!

Ha ha ha, Lady A!!!!

Oh that is toooo funny, unobserver!!!!

Yep, MadMaximus, that certainly sounds like an excuse a child that age would use-LOL!!!!

You see, Mom...it's not ours. It's the wrong color! Can we get rid of it now?

I hope it was a crayola washable marker and not a permanent one-LOL!

Oh Gryfnn, what a wonderful, loving grandmother and great grandmother you are! I can just imagine that grand picture on your dining room wall!!!

OMG! I am so glad that my child raising days are over. I would have had hysterics if I'd come across that one as a young mother. rotfl......Now that I am a great grandmother, I really can enjoy the little ones--Rule #1 all little people in diapers--must be accompanied by mothers. They are adorable to look at and even to hold when they are in diapers--as a grandmother--I still changed diapers...as a great grandma --NO WAY. Yesterday I had a three year old for the afternoon...She likes to paint---You can imagine how that works :)...she painted a grand picture--and one of the walls in the dining area. I used to have her father and his twin brother over for painting sessions when they were little......

It made me laugh too, Frito, and that's why I had to share!

Hahaha what a wonderful pic!! I need to bookmark this for a rainy day when I need to laugh! Thanks for my big grin! :)