Mmmmmm, Bacon!!!!

I like it better crispy!

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Little Beebee always loved the taste of fresh pork snout. The fresher the better!


Oh my AT, maybe that's where it all started???!!! Hahaha!<br />
MymanRuss, the piggy also seems to be enjoying the kiddie slobber-LOL!

Ahhh, piggy slobber. For the kid that needs a pick-me-up.

did anyone say Swine Flu ?

Thank you, Steve. It was an exciting game! Pork sausages-hahaha!<br />
Don't knock it, Fy. Onions are good with pork(chops)! lol!

I'm glad to have provided you with a before work laugh, Frito!

Hahaha you know...I'm going to work soon and didn't think I'd be laughing much...but now I am....this is just soooo cute...I know the ewww factor is big but I'm sstill cracking up! :)

Destry, that child is about 1 year away from the ewwww reflex! LOL!!

Seems that wherever the snout or the mouth have been, they were destined to meet!

Don't kiss him! You never know where that kid's mouth may have been...

Haha-Trying, and it looks like bacon is lovin' back!<br />
That is funny, Lilt, I hadn't thought of that one! LOL!!!

I love you Piglet! Now can we go see Pooh Bear? I 'm going to give him a kiss too.

mmmm love me some bacon