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15 Responses Mar 1, 2010


Bring me some REAl coffee, i hate INSTANT

heh good one!:)

*shake head*:)

Keep guns out of the paws of cats!!!


Nescafe Coffee is just Purrrfect!!

hehehe reece <br />
good one softkitti:)<br />
tyco*thumbs up*:)

Keep your hands off my caffeine ...I am not hooked on the stuff ... I swear ..*shakes uncontrollably*

ARRRRRRHAHAHAHAHA "Hopefully All That Coffee Didn't Give Kitty The Shakes On Its Trigger Finger"

Jittery kitty says MUST........ SAVE........... COFFEE!!, Get your hand off my caffeine PUNK


Dirty rats


I think the kitty should switch to decaf!