L O V E ~ M E ~ L O V E my T A T T O O

Love her stilettos - love her classy tattoo 
Love her buns - love her boat - love her !
I'm a coward I haven't even got one yet

Please comment  LOL  JAZZ  XOX 
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10 Responses Nov 20, 2012

Nice! I have 3 and getting my arm (half) done in a few weeks :) I take my time drawing them out and each one has a very special meaning to me. I am a sucker for tatt'd guys (sleeves especially) and women as well. My current boy toy is tatt'd and from Ireland (accent included!) he is yummmmmy!

Great tattoo and lovely buns Jazz . A tight hug for a gr8 body and tattoo and a sweet kiss on those lovely Buns :)

Very nice tatt's!

Wow Beautiful tatt and body

Xoxxx actually comment was from Mish ,

You have a ******* great body!

sssssmokin hot :)

I am so surprised you miss "embrace life" does not have a tattoo. Do you want one? Go for it, they are your own personal art. I am patiently awaiting summer so I can get number 4 :)

i too was raised catholic but meh :) I yam what I yam :)

The tattoo is kinda cool. I want to get one some day.

Your beauty is perfect just the way it is, you don't need a tattoo.

nice buns Jazzmina she one of your friends ;-)

ha ha arent you lucky !!!

too much beautifull tatoo and very nice buttocks