I ~ L O V E ~ S E X in the B A T H


Please comment - LOL JASMINE  XOXOX

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3 Responses Nov 22, 2012

I would love the pleasure of your company, with the enjoyment of being close to one anothter, the softness of your arms around me and mine around you. The scent of the soap caressing any part of your body that I can reach. The sweetnes of your kiss.

I know I may be a bit older than
older you. I may not ever make you happy. But it is just a dream.

When you finish with GLLR I am ready to take his place!
You described a perfect bathtime for me!

Remove the clocks and it can be Friday for a whole lot longer!

I may be old, my arms not as strong as they once were. my hands not as soft and adventuresome as the young. I do not wish to be a trophy on your wall, nor you on mine. But there is something inside that can never be described in mere words. I am but an old and I do feel a broken man. I may be like putty in your hands. in which you may form to your own wishes and desires. My kisses may not be tender, but yet they me shakey due to age and fears of hurting you.
We may never be in each others arms, but in the black and white of the paper.
I am but a man who does want a friendship first. and build a trust of each other if ever possible. My looks may scare you away, and picture often mislead and are touched up. Can we start as friends first. and then go from there?
I tried to add this onto your reply, but I'm not sure were it ened up.

I would love to try it

Well the issue, was the woman wasn't interested in trying it. I have taken one shower with a woman, but all we did was use our hands on each other.

with which soap?