B L A N K E T on the G R O U N D !

Remember back when love first found us
we'd go slippin' out of town
and we'd love somewhere secluded
on a blanket on the ground !

Oh remember how excited
we used to get when we were young 
we loved to make our love al fresco 
feel the hot sun on our buns !

I know you know you still excite me 
I know you love me nice and round
so just relax and love me 
on the blanket on the ground !

Thanx for reading - please comment LOL JASMINE XOX

Acknowledgment to Roger Bowling & Billie Jo Spears 
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I have never sat on a blanket outside with a date.

I wish I felt young more often. LOL

When will we see the rest of the story?