C H R I S T M A S ~ T R E E ~ from OSLO Trafalgar Square London

I love NORWAY and the NORWEGIANS. Every year since
1947 the City of OSLO has presented LONDON a giant
SPRUCE which is erected in Trafalgar Square. It will be
lit up on Thursday 6th DECEMBER  2012.  It is a present
from the Norwegians to thank the UK for their part in
liberating NORWAY from the NAZI OCCUPATION  in 1945.

THE CHRISTMAS TREE  is a lovely symbol of CHRISTMAS. The tradition goes back to the 8th Century. The first decorated one was in 1510 and Martin Luther brought one into the CHURCH. In 1843 Prince Albert installed the first tree in Buckingham Palace. Since the 1930's in the UK - there has been a revival of the Dickensian Christmas in which a decorated in the house (real or artificial) plays a big part. They are also important in the American Christmas both inside and outside the house !

Thanx for reading - Love you ALL  JASMINE  XOXOXOXOXOX  

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Lovely looking trees