F R O N T A L or D O R S A L ?


If you could only see someone you fancied in either frontal
or dorsal which would you choose and why ? Which view
of Olivia (in her black undies) do you prefer ? Thanx  JAZZ.

Thanx for visiting please comment.  LOL JASMINE  XOXOX 

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4 Responses Dec 4, 2012

That dorsal view is wicked for sure!

I could run my hands over that cute butt for quite a while... I am not sure that the bra would be on for long though! LOL

I prefer not to choose ! a busty babe with a great shapely sexy *** can be admired at many different angles and many different positions ! growl ! wink ! sexy !

Thank you sweet Jaxx ! love making gets better wit experience and over the years with the same lover ! id love to be trusted to taste you and olivia ! wink ! mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm

Frontal, so I could see her face.

ohhh. .i want to try both too