B E A U T I F U L ~ S X Y ~ B E D R O O M

FOR ME THE BEDROOM is more important than the Kitchen
You make
 meals in Kitchen ~ You make love in the Bedroom
I like shades of pink or mauve which are both restful & sexy.
All houses and flats have bedrooms ~ but it's how you furnish
and decorate them that makes them a BOUDOIR.

Thanks for visiting - please comment. What's your best room ?

Lots of sweet dreams !  LOL  JASMINE  XOXOXOXOXOXOX 

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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I would be well ****** in this room, it is lovely, but I have been taken doggy style over the kitchen table and it was good.

Rich people showing off their stuff...Rather disgusting.

I didn't say it's unusual, just wrong. Remember not everyone on here is living the good life........

I try not to limit love making to just the bedroom.