Love All The Comments

Love reading the comments on my pics and knowing they make guys horny.

I have no issue that guys may jerk off to my pics.

I consider it a compliment that my pics have that effect on them

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12 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I enjoyed all of them, couldn't decide which one to comment on... You are hot and I am way horny from looking at them... Do you like to look at men? I am Italian btw... well endowed... I would love to fill you up after some serious foreplay... Be my little hot ****.. Pretty Please.....

I would love to comment. My wife also sees it as a compliment when guys tell her the effect she has on them.

Please add me - I'd love to comment on your pictures!

I have "complimented" you on several occasions while looking at your pics.

Id love to comment and comliment you on your sexy pics babe !

Starting the process.... ;)

Ahoys^^ ....and will do I like leaven a comment or 2 on photos, least I can do if anything to not to be rude...and if is a reply then all the better (=

Hi Vanessa, Thanks for your kind invitation. I'd love to accept.

i want to jerk off to your pictures

That is a very nice photo, would love to see more. That one alone picqued my interest and is fodder for later!

I feel the same, whether it be a comment on my pic or a lengthy turns me on to know I have been the cause of some yummy seed being spilled.

Some men are short on words but long elsewhere and they'll make up for the lack of dirty words on your picture by sending a ***-covered picture of you...