The Echidna Who Could Go Anywhere He Wanted

Jacob was an echidna with a very special ability.  He discovered this ability quite by accident, one morning when he was feeling particularly sad.  His friend, Melinda (another echidna) had gone to the beach on holidays and he was really missing her, which is somewhat strange for an echidna, because they usually live by themselves.  Jacob, however, spent days moping around his burrow - the very picture of melancholy - until, finally, Rex the goanna decided to talk some sense into him.

"Look, son, if it's upsetting you that much, just go to her."

"But I can't!" said Jacob.  "The beach is so far away and I've only got these tiny little legs.  What if I don't get there in time?"

"Well, you've got to do something, because you're driving me crazy with all this moping."

Jacob really didn't think that was much help.  However, that night, he found himself thinking more about the idea.  What if he could go to Melinda?  What if he could get to the beach just by thinking about it?  Knowing that it wouldn't work, he screwed up his eyes and gave it a try, because it's fun to do those sorts of things at night when you can't sleep.

Suddenly a cool breeze sprang up.  Jacob shivered a little... and then he noticed that the breeze was making a very unusual noise indeed as it rustled the leaves of the eucalypts.  He opened his eyes...


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Feb 27, 2009