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Control Me Please?

I want someone to control my bladder. I am willing to do pretty much anything except go out in public or wet myself. I want to get really desperate and be denied access to the bathroom.

friday, saturday, and sunday nights are best for me for these kind of holds. I'm in the US

i preferably want to be controlled by a male 18-21. but i will consider anyone. message me if you are interested.
WolfRunner42 WolfRunner42 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

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Holy **** this is perfect! I fit your description! Message me!

Where are you? If you happen to be somewhat near me, we can arrange something. I will not do bladder training online, since the possibility of cheating is too great, in person, I can do physical restraint, bathroom locking, whatever keeps you full.

i am not willing to do this thing in person. but thanks for the offer.

Good luck finding someone. I'd love to hear about it, however it turns out.