Married Bi-bbw Loves People To *** On Her Pics

So for the most part the title says it all. I enjoy seeing people ******* over my pics either wth pics or vids. I do have my hubby that I can use to trade back with if there is an interest. Love to make some new friends out there and discuss if you want!

Anyone intersted can check the pics on my profile or feel free to contact me for email information to exchange pics over.

two48ddds two48ddds
26-30, F
11 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Add and I'll comment.

Would enjoy being friends. Unsure how to add friends on this site.

please add me...

I would love to help you out. Please add me.

I would love to see the photos too.

I would love to *** on your photos

plese add me, will rtribute your pics

Would love to tribute you. I have a weakness for the busty and curvy. Drop me a line if interested.

would love to *** on your pics if you will have me LOL

would love to *** on your pics if you will have me LOL

I Sure would love to *** on your pics. I must confess I am bored with my marital life since its sexless. I am only 37 years and my **** is aching for a ***** ****.<br />
If you could keep me a therapy i would be the happiest man on planet Earth.<br />
In the night when she's asleep I wake up and quietly try to lift her night gown to reveal her panty and if I am succesful, I jerk myself in the toilet fantasing so many things in my mind.<br />
Once I blow my load, I look around and I see - I am all alone. <br />
My wife cannot fulfill my fantasies. I stumbled on your profile and I found you seem to be kind hearted lady.<br />
I love her but I want my sexual cleansing as well. From the pics you can see, all pics are literally sneak shots while asleep.<br />
Please help. My e-mail