It's The Pulsing!

My wife doesn't want me coming in her mouth. Which is a shame, since I know that the best part of a ******* (which she really enjoys giving) is the completion.

I started sucking guys off at adult bookstores and theaters in my forties. At first I only received, but the amazing moments of finishing deep in a wet mouth seemed to demand reciprocation. Besides, these guys really, really loved my coming in their mouths and throats.

So one day at a gloryhole, I did it! I rubbed the rim of the hole with MY finger for the first time, and there it was -- a hard ****. Although it was my first, I'd been playing this moment over and over in my mind for 30 years. I worked up a lot of saliva and touched the tip to my slightly parted lips. Keeping the opening of my lips just wide enough to maximize contact, I slowly slid over the head. I began slowly bobbing -- only as far as the flare of the head -- and was rewarded with some serious twitching.

I then did what I loved my wife doing: with a very wet tongue I lapped the sides and underside of the shaft, with the **** out of my mouth. I just licked and licked, moving around the shaft, as the guy pushed hard against the wall, feeding the utmost possible length of his **** to my tongue.

His **** continue to make little spasms and he started to really flow precum. I got a taste of it as I licked the underside of his shaft and really liked it. I returned my lips to his head and licked a large bead of precum onto my tongue. I remember thinking the syrupy texture was quite nice.

I could tell from his lunging movements that he wanted more. I went for the element of surprise: with a tight circle of lip and flattened out tongue, I took the entire **** into my mouth. (Luckily it wasn't too wide so I was able to accomodate him easily. I have subsequently learned to take fatter dicks, but length has never been a problem. My mouth seems shaped to take a thin 9" **** quite naturally.)

Keeping the saliva flowing and my lip ring riding tight over the contours of his penis, I begin bobbing up and down the entire length of this ****. I can still remember my excitement; I hadn't been so aroused since I was a teenager. I tried to keep all surfaces of his **** in contact with something wet -- lip, flat tongue, cheek -- but no teeth. Years of imagining this moment and a little practice on inanimate objects had paid off.

I was torn. I was loving my first ******* and didn't want it to end, but I did want to make him come in my mouth. I kept up the sliding from root to tip and varied it by tightening my lips around the base and tugging as I slowly slid up to the head, about once every ten regular strokes. He clearly liked this extra stimulation.

The head got rock-hard and he started to pull back. I tightened my lips once more around the root and gently tugged -- a signal, I hoped, that I wanted his ***. He got the message and, with one big lunge, he rammed all the way into my mouth and exploded.

I didn't taste anything but felt the **** spasming and spurting. It started in the base but quickly enveloped the whole organ. I responded with one more trick I'd planned all these years. When I come while ******* off, I clench my fist rhythmically. I've always done that instinctively. So I simulated that feeling by squeezing the bottom of the shaft with my flat tongue, in sync with his spurts. As the spurting slowed, I just kept the squeezing pressure on, without pulsing. This "end-game" was so fantastic for me, I only hoped he found it half as exciting.

He stayed in my mouth and shrank for about 15 seconds. As he slowly pulled out of my mouth, I finally got to experience the taste of his ***. It wasn't bad -- more metallic than salty -- but not quite as nice as his precum. But by far the greatest thing about having my first **** come in my mouth was feeling the spurting and pulsing of his ******. To this day, it's my favorite part of any sex act.
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that was a deliciously hot story!