A Bit Mushy, Perhaps, But Important To Say Nonetheless

Thank-you for coming here to read my description of the perfect woman. 

If you are a woman, here's what I want you to do.  Let go of the mouse, stand up, find the biggest mirror you have, and take a long look at yourself.  Then smile, because you are now looking at the perfect woman!  I may not have even met you before, but I want you to trust in yourself.  You are the very best you that you can be, regardless of any perceived faults you can't let go of or what others may have told you before.  Believe me, you are perfect.  Now, enjoy the rest of your day.

Gentlemen, if you're like me you probably have an image or description in your mind of who the perfect woman is or would be.  To me, it is a conglomeration of all the real nice women I've met and got to know over the years.  Still, I've learned to accept all of those people just as they are, good and bad traits combined.    To say that any one of them could be better than who they are at this moment is doing them an injustice.  If I want people to accept me, with all of my built-in fallacies, I am going to accept my woman friends as they come, too -- even if we're all works in progress -- as perfect.
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<3 I love this post. Absolutely wonderful. =u=


You're welcome.

there is none if u base it on looks youll b disappointed

there is none if u base it on looks youll b disappointed

I'm glad to hear you liked it. I'm just stating what I think isn't put forward enough.

I hope she finds it helpful.

Thank you....I sent a copy to my Daughter.

awesome post.awesome person. spead ya goodness!


You're welcome, WiB. Nice to hear from you again.

I love to describe myself as a work in progress ... it so describes the journey I am on ... and I know I'll never be finished and each stage has its own version of the perfect me! Thanks UE for a lovely story!

It was my pleasure, Kindal.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, SweetAppleBlossom.

another wonderful story from mr. undereli.... :)

You're welcome, SaratogaGirl. Have a good day.

What a lovely story to post. Thank you.