I Was Thinking About My Perfect Day With A Perfect Woman

Day must start with a bl0wj0b. (It's a guy thing.)
Then I would make some coffee and breakfast for us while my girl chooses some new music that we could like but never heard before and discuss about it. Read some newspapers. And off we go on a little trip to a very busy place in town.Just watching people and try to guess what is their life all about.
After that I would take her to a museum, but not the whole tour because there won't be time for other stuff.
I think that now is a time for a lunch. Sneaking in one kindergartner birthday parties sounds great. This could be followed by a crazy fight with water guns.
I think we need a little brake now. So I light up one of those "funny" cigarettes. Movie sounds good now. I love SF but anything will do. Quick shower and we are ready for a party. It would be ideally a concert of Chemical Brothers and Faithless or similar electronic music.
Party finishes and we go skinny dipping in a small beach with a nice view on a sun rising up.
kavurmija kavurmija
26-30, M
May 6, 2012