My Girlfriend Loves To Diaper Me

I never thought I was going to meet a woman who wants to diaper a man like me. My girlfriend really takes good care of me and makes sure that I am well diapered and I dont leak. I love having sex with her while wearing a soaked diaper. Soaked diapers make me so horney. I wake up in a soaked diaper every night. on occation I will leak because I love the feeling of a wet diaper. I have been wearing diapers 24/7.
My Girlfriend knows how to please me she really makes me feel good about wearing diapers as an adult male. She is definately an awesome lady not only for her understanding about me wanting to wear and now needing to wear. She is not like any other woman that I have met on diaper sites. She is honest and carring. It maybe do to the fact that she cant have kids of her own. She at the age of 29 had a hysterectomy so she can not have any natural kids I think she adopted me as her baby because she really loves me not only as her "son" but her lover as well. She tells me I am very special to her. Her motherly instinct comes out very nicely. She would make a great mother her tendar touch her carring nature. I love her so much.
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Love it and nice!

You're lucky that you have found each other and have satisfied both your need to be diapered and her need to take care of a diapered baby boy. It's a rare combination, and one that I totally envy you for.

What a couple of lucky guys! Now if I can find my self a girlfriend to diaper me. I also have a medical problem that causes bed wetting and need to be diapered every night before bed.

I feel you on this, my wife also treats me the same way, I have a medical problem that causes me to wet my self like a toddler, she even checks me while I'm sleeping and if I'm soaked she changes my diaper, some times I wake up to her changing me and she. Says to baby needed a changing go back sleep, we even started to do full on role playing on our days off, I<br />
She treats me like a baby, feeds me, cloths me, and changes me. She is very special to me.

My wife enjoys acting as a mommy in public, I enjoy when she diaper checks me in front of people and says yup u needs a changing. Lol she also enjoys feeding me in public, nothing like drinking my formula and eating a big helping of baby food. As she eats her food. She holds my hand every where we go and she makes sure in by her side all the time. I enjoy more when at home we know got a big playpen in the living room and I get to play in there as she does her things around the house, I also every time I eat get hand feed in my high chair, it's been awhile know since I ever used a toilet. I'm now full time no control over my bladder or Bowles and I enjoy it.